Day 35 auto first grow looking for advice

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  1. Hey people this is my dark devil auto its 5 week today and its been in flower for 3 week almost....I am planning on using pk13/14 on it next Sunday can I starting feeding it in low amounts now then on Sunday go full or just wait till next suday abdbthen start using it?? Any advice welcome

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  2. It doesn't matter, so do whatever makes you happiest.
  3. I guess you are using Canna nutes?
  4. Yeah I am
  5. Looks like a nice an healthy plant, the colors are already really nice and it should bulk up a lot over the next ~40-50 days. I would keep doing what you are doing, what type of nutrients are you using?
  6. I would add maybe 2.5 ml per gallon of the pk, but I pump them full of Canna boost 10-15 ml per gallon
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  7. thanx man
    Iv just keeping it simple because I don't really know what I'm doing so I'm just using a and b and pk 13/14 and I know autos don't really need a lot of nutes
  8. Look at the legs on that girl!:love-m3j:
    Lookin good!

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