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  1. How do my ladies look people? There White Widow's. I initially had some issues since it was my first grow then moved to a CFL set up with LED Grow panel. I recently just set up my 400w HPS light and put them under that.

    Man what a difference that made in like a day and a half seen a 1 inch spurt of growth. That could also be that I moved transplanted them to a new pot not to long ago.

    Anyhow how do they look to ya'll? There in Day 33-34 and range from 6.5 inches to almost 8 on one. I have been doing 24/0.

    I had some nute issues earlier on but that was from using MG time released soil. There in FF Ocean now, and using FF nutes. Another lesson I learned to is not to start off in the jiffy pots. When I went to transplant they jiffy pots were still whole. I removed most of it. Thanks!


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  2. Looking good, I'll pull up a seat and watch em grow with you.
  3. lookin good man. I bet those plants are lovin that new HPS.

    My oldest is 33 days today - all FF line soil and nutes - your plants look very very healthy
  4. forgot to ask how long you plan on vegging?
  5. Thanks guys! Yea they do love the HPS! Under the CFLs I had like 10 of them 23-35 watters and a 45w LED GrowLED I saw growth but it was more gradual. 2 days under this thing and its like there getting wider and grew about a inch. Like I said though that could be also from transplanting them to a new pot not to long ago.

    Those pots I am using are there final resting spot. My grow tent is not huge so I do not want any monsters. I have some Autoflower Afghan Kush starting to sprout and going to be using 2 gallon air pots for those.

  6. Being that my grow room is only 64 inches high and the HPS tube takes up a certain about of space I was thinking vegging to 12 inches max.
  7. I live in a one bedroom apartment, wish I could grow them into monsters but I cant lol

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