Day 32 flower orange/brown hairs, tiny buds, help!!

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Is it normal for buds to be this small and hairs to be this orange on day 32 of flower

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    Is it normal for hairs to change colour week 5 of flower and for buds to be so small, how long should I leave it still, HELP!!!!

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  2. What strain fully buds in 5 weeks ?
  3. Your telling me that’s fully budded????
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    Did you even read my question man
  5. Leave your plant be. Be patient and let the bud grow out
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    I asked what strain fully buds in 5 weeks because I haven't heard of one that does .
    If you told me what strain you are growing I could look up the budding time for you .
    Sativa take longer to bud 10 to 14 weeks .
    Some Indica can be 7 or 8 weeks to 10 or 12 .
    Good luck
  7. WTF is so fucking hard about telling us the strain so some one can tell you how much longer you have !
  8. Did you spray them with something? Sometimes you can burn the hairs and imo it doesn't even look like its 5 weeks along
  10. If I knew the fucking strain I would of Looked up flowering time and not been on Here asking for help
  11. Hard to say how far it is. Could be some sativa landrace strain that'll take 15 weeks to finish...... Best to buy decent genetics and know what you grow
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  12. Post a pic of the whole plant
  13. Looks toasty
    Maybe the light too close?
  14. Lol it’s only small

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  15. It’s Outside man, might be too hot in the greenhouse??
  16. it’s like a ft tall
  17. Fuck I dont know. The only thing I could say is get some seeds from a reputable store this auto cheese has been flowering for 2 weeks
    20190728_183912.jpg 20190728_183902.jpg
  18. Yh that looks sick man and Yh was gonna get some proper seeds with decent genetics but pretty much wasted the season now, any advice for next year??
  19. Back to my original question, how much longer should I leave it going for??
  20. Get a scope and look at the trichomes don't go by the pistels when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
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