Day 30, Should a flower soon as I'm using CFL's? (pictures)

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    TITLE TYPO: Should I flower soon?****

    So my 3 plants have come along very nicely however I'm struggling to get them to all fit under 2 x 300watt CFL bulbs, as a result 1 has grown much larger than the others.

    Because a CFL bulb is only affective from 5-10 inches, should I start to flower soon? My logic is that if the plant grows too tall then only the top will be affected by the light.

    I have also only topped my plants once in 3 different area's, should I do it again on the thinner stem nodes?

  2. I'm new to all this my self but from what I'm reading cfls are good for veg but a little week for the flower side of things. You can flower anytime but you may get a shit yield
  3. Plant looks very nice

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