Day 3 above soil - what is wrong?

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  1. Hello,

    This is my second grow and seems to be off to a rough start. Here we have a sour livers autoflower under a mars hydro 300 in fox farm ocean forest with added perlite. She germinated perfectly but seems to be growing in an odd way. The leaves are not even and one of them is pointg straight up. Also one of the leaves seems curling at the tip. temp currently at 79 with69-70 percent RH. I yiedled 6 oz dry off my first autoflower and.would like to see more results like that.

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  2. How close is your light?
  3. Currently 31 inches from top of sprout
  4. I can't see the full pictures since my phone is loading slow ATM, but from what I could see I wouldn't worry about it.

    Your temps are a tad high, which could be a little much for a sprout. Not too high that it will cause an issue tho.

    BTW, sour livers are more of a SOG strain, they grow very small, so the yield isn't the greatest if you don't plant quite a few of them. They pack on a lot of bud for the size tho. One of my favorite strains to grow and smoke.
  5. Thanks for the advice!! I was thinking maybe 31 inches was a little bit high but I suppose i can wait another day or so and see where she first plant was a white widow auto by greenhouse which with a little lst exceeded the breeders max proposed yield. Ive heard good things about the sour livers which is why i decided to try it out.
  6. If you really got 6 ounces off a single auto that's damn impressive lol.

    Without lst my sour livers yielded a bit over an ounce each (they were only like 1 foot tall or so). You could get 2+ ounces off of one, but hoping for more than that will likely end in disappointment.

    I harvested mine between day 65-75 from sprout. They grow incredibly fast lol.

  7. Aw i see!! Again thanks for the info. Yeah ive got a journal on here of my past grow if you search 'white widow auto by green house' im sure you will find it...heres some pics lol

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  8. Hey Pistils, just wanted to throw a couple more pictures your way...any idea what this little splotch on the leaf may be being caused by? Also any further comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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  9. Common for sour livers to have some discolored splotches, if it changes then it may be something else, but I wouldn't worry about it at this point.
  10. Hey Pistils, just wanted to throw you a few pictures of the sour livers you previously advised me on. Shes 11 days since shes shown her first an experienced sour livers would you say shes looking?

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  11. Nice, looks great!
  12. Thanks.

    Hey do you think i should clear out the internal lower fluff? Today marks 3 weeks since first pistols these pics are from yesterday...,also do you think that i should open her up with some lst? Input would be appreciated thanks.

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  13. I currently have a sour livers seed thinking about giving it a go after I harvest my auto malawi in a month or so. How was the taste and smell of the livers? The livers cut is supposed to be legendary in the U.K.
  14. Honestly it looks pretty good the way it currently is. Wouldn't hurt to snip off a little from the bottom tho. Looks great, keep it up :thumbsup:
  15. The taste/smell wasn't anything too special IMO so its kind of hard to describe. It's a great smoke tho, very potent.
  16. Dang that's disappointing. Based on their description from the website it's supposed to be their stinkiest strain. Now I have to see for myself lol
  17. Hey!
    Any idea on whats going on with these leaves? Looks like some sort of def...gave her some cal mag last watering.

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  18. Couple more pics, apart from the slight nute burn, does anybody have any idea if this looks normal? I feel like I should give her something but not sure exactly what.

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  19. Looks like nitrogen toxicity. To much nitrogen. But I’m not sure maybe someone else can put word in

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  20. Hey so after I gave her some tiger bloom some of my tops started falling over...Ive got some some of them supported with dowell rods but i have no idea how im gona get the main cola back up..any suggestions?

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