day 28 of flower

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  1. tell me what u think.... this is my first grow so any pointers will helkp alot

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    Dude, I'm jealous. I've been flowering my plants and they're about 23 days in flowering and none of mine have bid sites yet.. What kind of plant is that?
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    bagseed and i have 2 plants but this is the only one with budsites on it my other one is starting to put hairs on but the other one is def sativa dominant and smells like a skunk this little guy in the pic has no smell what so ever i mean no smell
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    Right on man, my plants have a little smell to them. Not sure if that defines their potency though.
  5. Growing with CFL's?
  6. i have a 70 watt hps and about 175 actual watts of cfl 6500k and 2700k for 2 plants in a 2 ft wide 3 ft deep 3.5 ft tall grow box
  7. Interesting, your plant looks a little behind for 23 days, are you sure it's 23?
  8. i flipped the switch on apr 1st they showed sex on the 15th its now the 28th so you add it up im not sure if im spose to start counting at the time of sex or the time i flipped the switch my other plant is even further behind i transplanted about a week ago so i might have stunted them a bit but they were getting rootbound they seem to be alot happier now
  9. Oh cool, now it makes sense, because of the transplant, I happy they didn't herm on your brother.
  10. well it was a low stress trans plant the whole pot came out with no problems thats how rootbound they were and i had it all set up so it was a total of like 5 seconds they were out of a pot i think the rootbound was hurting me more than the transplant was
  11. what did you transplant them into?
  12. i went from the small one to the big one

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