Day 27 of Autoflower strains.

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  1. This is my first grow. I'm on day 27 with two DNA 60 Day Wonders and one Dinafem Fruit Automatic and one regular seed Dairy Queen. The Fruit is only 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall. The others average between 7 to 8 inches wide and 2 to 4 inches tall. They get fed MG, Vita-Start, Superthrive and Alaska Fish Emulsion. I hope the pics help! Please give any advice, opinions, etc... Are they too small for 27 days old? Will they just take off at some point?

    I keep them outside from 8am to 10pm in the sun. I bring them in at night to keep them warm. White buckets 5 gallons and black one is 3 gallon.

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  2. those look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  3. I dont have experience with autos (have some on the way though) but my plants were that size at 10-14 days. Is it just the way they grow or something?
  4. This is my first grow. The Dairy Queen is a regular seed and is the largest of the bunch. I'm hoping at some point the auto's will take off and grow. I got started late in the growing season because my medical marijuana registry didn't get approved until late June. Next year will be different. I'll start in May!
  5. Thats look very nice for a auto!

    I can't wait for my Auto seeds to get here ! Lowryder 2 :x .

    but remember to spray some bug spray that will not kill the plants! because if you take them in and out .. chances are .. they might get some bugs!
  6. For autos at 27 days, they're way too small. How much sunlight are they getting? Is it direct sunlight from 8-10? Did you plant them in those pots originally? I know the 60 Day Wonder are supposed to be done in roughly 2 months from seed and I can't imagine it exploding into a huge flowering plant with about a month left at its current height. Should have started flowering about a week ago.
  7. Yes much to small!! They should be in flower by now!!
  8. They are in their original pots. Is this wrong? They are in direct sunlight except for the clouds and rain sometimes.
  9. I think there is not enough light for them and thats why they are timid.
  10. Here is a auto of mine after 22 days already in flower. Lowryder 2 and
    diesel ryder.

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  11. Thanks for the info and pics. It puts things in perspective for me. It has been cloudy and raining for the past 14 days. They are growing an inch a day. One of the strains I showed is not an auto flower, but is the largest one of the bunch! Well, I will continue to grow them and see how long it takes. My wife has renamed some of my strains to 90 Day Wonders:wave:

  12. Generally you wanna start them off in smaller pots or party cups, then transplant them to a bigger pot. And I guess if its been cloudy and rainy lately, that would stunt their growth along with such large pots, but I've never grown outdoors so I can't say for sure.
  13. Im curious as to how the growth is stunted by too much room? From my experience, the more room the better.
  14. Yes more room, better roots!![​IMG]

  15. Uhh yes?

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