Day 27 first grow, couple questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kellerkeels, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. okay so i'm growing for the first time using bagseed, fox farm ocean forest, got 110w of cfl and am on day 27.

    the first picture is of my plant, about a foot high and i'm switching to flowering in two days. i'm hoping she's looking okay.

    the second picture is of the top. I topped the plant 4 days ago and i'm starting to think i topped wrong. picture two is what the top looks like, is it right?

    and the third picture is of a problem i have, the bottom two leaves died and a couple other of the bottom are getting spots and falling down. I haven't added any nutes yet. What do ya think it is?

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  2. 1. Your plant looks fine. A little compact, but no red flags.

    2. Looks like you Fimm'd the fim (fuck, I missed). It is a kind of topping that some people do but I think you did what needed to be accomplished. Topping a plant is exceptionally easy. I am sure you did fine.

    3. That lower stuff could be from a number of factors. I would suggest you keep an eye on your pH but it is probably just because the lighting from those CFL's isn't strong enough to get an adequate amount of PAR to those lower leaves. Since they cannot photosynthesize due to the lack of lighting the plant cannibalizes them to push energy and nutrients to the parts of the plant that is getting enough light.
  3. I agree the bototm leaves are suffereing due to lack of light.

    Your topping looks fine to me.

    here, i made a quick drawing to help you

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