Day 26 vs Day 33 Comparison

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  1. Here is my 1 week comparison from day 26-33.
    When your growing, everyday it gets bigger and you say, "oh man that thing exploded last night" ... but when you look at picture comparisons, just ONE WEEK apart, it tends to blow your mind.

    This is some homegrown skunk from a buddy of mine. I started them from seed.

    Day 26


    Day 33


    The Setup: t5 6500k H.O. flouro - 2 24w CFL

  2. I love your setup. The T5's are great. And your plants are beautiful and bushy.

    Are you planning on moving those outdoor soon or changing to a MH or HPS set up because your foliage is getting really busy and lush and the T5 light isn't gonna be able to sufficiently penetrate the foliage.

    Just asking because I had some plants vegging under CFL's since this Dec. and when the lights couldn't penetrate the foliage to the lower leaves my plants started having problems.
  3. Hey, thanks bro ... i'm enjoying this setup as well.

    As for my lights. Im currently in an apartment right now, and I move out the 21'st of may ... so until then this is the setup I will be using. After I move back home - It will have a 400w HPS/MH kit.

    If your interested, I have an updated grow journal - can be found in my sig.
  4. I have a grow journal too it's in my sig. I will def. check yours out.

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