day 25 update!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by hydrator, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. my plants are now on day 25 and seem to be doing well,im still on 18/6 and the largest one is now 36cm high, the smaller crosbread is 27cm high but very thick and bushy , it doesn't seem to be gaining much height but just keeps getting new shoots upon new shoots.

    they are also getting a nice aroma to them!
    judjing by the larger plants growth so far, i think ill put them onto 12/12 in about 2-3 weeks time.

    maybe someone can tell me (aproxamately) how high my plants will continue to grow after i put them on 12/12 as i have limited grow height i need to turn them at the right time so they dont out grow their space.

    so far im still using two 400w hps lights for two plants but i think ill put more in for flowering, my temp has been around 74-76 degrees with these lights so i guess ill have to up my fan speed when i put more lights in. (i have an exhaust fan with adjustable speed settings).

    i still havent managed to get hold of a camera yet to post some photos, maybe soon !

    so until next update ..... bye bye!
  2. approximately double the size.
  3. fuck that was a quick reply!!
  4. you got about 1-3 more MONTHS.. on 24-hour days you only want an ounce between the two plants ugh... 18/6 that's why they're not growing 12/12 they won't grow bigger just bud, so I'd say stop waisting your time money and effort, and put em on 24 hrs. for two more months and then bud for 2-3 months (till hairs are colored)... stop growing scared like and be a grower. The risk is half ythe battle and if you're gonna take it at all you might as well go for the good stuff no?
  5. When you put them on 12/12 they will double or triple in size.....i would not wait for 1-3 months as the plant will be very big....depends on you're grow space....i had one max out at over 7'5"....the plant will get bigger on 12/12 trust me....and as for budding time most plants will take approx 8 weeks to flower however this depends on the strain as some will take up to 14 weeks and some will flower when they are good and ready no matter what lighting they are on......i'd be putiing them onto 12/12 soon....depends how many plants you have and the room for the lighting 2 400w hps is more than enough for 2 plants depending on the growroom size.....i grow 4 under 1 400w hps......Peace out...Sid

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