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Day 21 of quitting weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ilookedatahedge, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Going pretty well so far, I think i've finally cracked it....I still wana to smoke...but i know i'll be better in the long run...

    Here's to having a clear head and having ambition....:wave:
  2. ok,,,,,,,
  3. congrats. that's a difficult thing to do. i know...i've tried.
  4. You can still have a clear head and smoke. It's all about moderation and responsible use, although the moderation part doesn't seem to common on these forums.

    I smoke once a week, and feel my mind thinks quite clearly. It's when you're doing it constantly where things become cloudy

    And you can still be ambitious and smoke weed. Don't blame your laziness on the plant.
  5. I agree in saying that weed is not directetly related to making you lazy. However, i will say it doesn't hurt :)

    Not nessicarially moderation, but i think more so will power. Will power to do whats important first. Rewarding yourself with smoking is a great way to do good in school, or work, or anything for that matter instead of revoking it from yourself so you can "free your mind."

    The only thing i need moderation for is to not smoke all my stuff up before next week comes around.

    Sure if i quit smoking my grades in class would probably improve, I would probably show better performance at work, etc etc. However, I started college going stoned every day, i have a 3.5 gpa right now. I started my job stoned every day, and currently working on my 3rd promotion.

    So to each their own, every one is different, just my two cents.
  6. Paranoia and laziness...

    I'm just sick of smoking's been seven long years really....can't really remember whats happened in those seven years aswell...;)
  7. Right on.
  8. Day 50 or 51 here. and it SUCKS. but thats just becuz my life sux at the moment. good luck:smoke::eek:
  9. You can fight laziness dude, I was lazier when i didn't smoke just because I make myself do stuff so people can't tell me I'm lazy.
  10. I biked ten miles yesterday....Biking- My anti drug

    ha ha
  11. Hahah, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  12. Im on day 30, its been alot easier then i thought it would be. The first week i really wanted to smoke and it seemed like i got pissed off easier but after that it didnt bother me at all
  13. I've been quitting because my tolerance was too high, and getting stoned everyday was messing with my grades. It's not so much that weed makes you stupid, it just makes you get lost in your head and you don't care about real life as much. Well for me anyway. Today I'm buying an ounce though :D
  14. Whenever I take breaks it doesn't bother me after a week or two, and I feel pretty good.
  15. Grats man,
    I had your problem for a while, I just started smoking better quality weed that made me go out and do social things instead of get me stoned out in my room to a point where my fingers twitch lol

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