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  1. Yesterday I buryied or planeted 9 seeds(I'm choosing words that depend on if they grow).
    Well it does appear clearly that at least 6 of the nine have chosen today to pop through the soil and one even figured he could manage to grow two little leafs.
    I say not to shabbly for 24 hours of hiding in the soil.
    But them again I am guessing these guys do come from a good stock.

    I watered the babies 3 times today. Each time very lightly spraying a mist on all the soil tops and an extra little sprit where I figured the seeds might be. Then i covered them up with the saran wrap after each time I watered.

    I think tomorrow I may turn around the plants in the carrier they are in in case for some reason they like the lighting more on the left side of the table. I did take notice they they popped through the soil first and apparently with some added vigor.

    2 Pictures attached from left to right. the four babies on the left are more apparent.

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  2. Here's a shot of the 4 pots to the right...of the four on the am observant.

    They do show swelling at the soil but as of yet I see no real clear sprouts.

    I stand corrected.. there is a little baby coming up on the front left pot...She snuck her head the time it took me to walk to my workstation and get this online. I swear it wasn't there when I took the picture.


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