Day 2 of flowering. Room temp is 90° :(

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  1. sup guys im a first time grower Its now day 2 of flowering for my plants i have a 630Watt CMH so its like an oven, i have 2 fans and the exhaust running at all times on my grow closet and temp is at 90-95° i know thats way too hot. My apartment is really small and it doesnt have enough power supply to run a portable a.c but for some reason it has enough power to run my window a.c.. Any ideas on how i can cool down the grow closet i need it down to ATLEAST 80° OR LOWER.. I was thinking maybe keep the closet door open during lights on and put screen material against the door so no bugs or dust can get in and set up another fan pointing towards inside the closet and maybe that fan can suck the cool air from my bedroom into the closet.. What do you guys think? My bed room is usually really cool and the a.c is on 24.7 so idk maybe my idea will work?
  2. have you tried having the lights run at night instead of day time ? and run you AC as well at night time ,,mac,
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    During summer months I run my light through the night! Cooler to run them! Also u could run a intake to draw the cooler air in. I have a intake with a 6" 235cfm fan and exhaust I have 6" 435 cfm fan, running at night I see temp between 77-82. I live in the southern us so if that helps any

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  4. One general principle that might help you figure this out is that the faster the exhaust fan speed, the closer temp and humidity inside the grow space will get to the temp and humidity outside the grow space.
    In the limiting case of extremely high (infinite) exhaust fan speed, the conditions inside will equal those outside.

    Another general principle is that whatever the exhaust fan exhausts, it must also have sucked in from somewhere, and getting cool air to that "somewhere" will help.

    High humidity can protect plants from high temperature to some extent, so you might want to consider a top fill ultrasonic humidifier. (Other types are a pain) Google "Vapor Pressure Deficit."
  5. What is the size of your tent or grow space?
  6. My space is a 4x4x8

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  7. I can lower my tent by few degrees with my humidifier I never worry about high humidity dry where I’m at my temps do hit 30 sometimes but usually stay around 25-27
    I have 4X4x6.5
    One mars hydro 400 and 4 24 watt t5s on each corner and a 125 watt cfl to move around as needed probly similar heat to 2 cmh lights what I want to upgrade too gonna get too separate lights through so I can have em at different levels or only have one on
    Do u draw air from outside ? Lights only on at night ?
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    I draw my air from another room and the exhaust runs outside. I also run 1 iplantop 2000 w (480w draw) full spectrum led, one of the best led lights I've ran across and yes my lights on cycle is at night. Lights off during the day.

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  9. Ah u could try this shorten your exhaust and ur intake more airflow I just exhaust out the top as hot air rises and intake on bottom with USB fan and window open as needed

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  10. My intake is 14" long my exhaust is close to 4 and 1/2 feet long exiting through a silencer. I have those as short as possible. My temps are fine my humidity stays between 40-60%. When I did run mine through a hot summer day the highest temps I seen was 88 and it was 95 outside. I choose night cycles cause I stay off peak hours and it's easier to control. Btw I'm not the op, I was just trying to help

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