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Day 2.5 of no smoke, life is very bland

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by motoxer, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Yup, never thought I would be so dependent on anything. Its just that I Always smoke on the way back from work (please don't flame, I've loged many more miles high in the last 4 years than not) a pretty sunset also don't mean shit anymore either, always went outside and smoked to that...I have many hobbies, motocross, snowmobiling, all kinds of hunting, fishing, a full time job, but yet I still fiene the herb. Mabey I need a girlfriend or something? I'm 21 and have never had one, guess I never really have bothered to go out of my way to get one. Ow well it just gonna be that much better next time I smoke, I have a super lemon haze that I put into flower 2 days ago but that dosent really do me any good right now, not really sure why I made this thread, probally because I'm bored
  2. yeah good ol fashion poon tang is what you need. you said it.

  4. Oh shit....i read this thinking someone wrote it about me

    except the age is a littler higher
  5. you think you are dependent, but you are not.

    quit kidding yourself.
  6. It really is all mental brother
  7. boohoo try 2 weeks... and during those 2 weeks you have no money at all. no gas, no car insurance, no phone, no job, and nothing to do. fuck i feel like im grounded...
  8. This for a month. Plus when there is smoke, it's overpriced mids and/or shake.
  9. #9 BC BUDz, Mar 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2012
    You're really not dependent, like you think. :)

    I thought I was, but forced a 5 day t-break. It was actually easy. Just finish up your stash and ensure you won't have really accessible weed. Honestly, don't think I enjoy marijuana anymore. So now I'm going to take a longer break. Build my tolerance and clear my mind.

    (Break will be starting in April, up to 4/20)

  10. life is boring my friend
  11. Good luck OP I get paid tm so I'll be able to pickup :)
  12. I feel ya. I often smoke for creativity purposes, so my current t- break is having a toll on me. I go out every couple days into nature and take pictures, for school and enjoyment. But when I don't smoke before I go out to shoot some film, I just don't have any creativity. When I'm high I see interesting angles, shadows, perspectives, etc. But sober it's just nothing special. It does get better over time though, in 5 days you'll be feeling quite a bit better.
  13. Dude you ride too? Whats up :hello: !! Riding season just opened what the fuck are you doing get the premix in, change the oil and take your bike off the stand and hit the dirt! 2 Strokes for life, 2000 yz125 how bout u? Got a huge ride at the pits planned for this weekend, i can ride forever and not worry about weed, it keeps me busy and its my passion
  14. Man if your counting the days youve gone without smoking by the half, you might have a problem
  15. Whenever I smoke a ciggeratte without weed It makes me feel good enough to sleep or whatever. Just remember how everyone(Including you before you started toking) can go their whole life without weed and be very fucking happy. Be glad dude, smoke when you can get the herb, not being a fiend and trying every way to "get high"..

    If you're that desperate to get high, scrape up some resin.
  16. placebo, get laid.
  17. I ride a 06 crf250r, it's built up a little bit tho so it scoots pretty good! Can't ride tho so that's why I want weed so bad. the weather has been shit here. And I have a Brocken cOllar bone from a crash I had on it a couple weeks ago. My sled is a two stroke tho.
  18. what bike do you ride? I have a 2005 yz 125.

    word shoulda read through before i posted this.
  19. [quote name='"koopatroopa33"']

    life is boring my friend[/quote]

    Life is what you make's all about perception. If you feel a sober life is boring your trully missing out.

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