day 18 into 12/12

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  1. :wave: hey please tell me if you know what would be the problem with this plants, some leaves close to the buds are getting yellow but in a weird way, like a ring around the bud. can't explain very well...

    400w hps
    80 Fahrenheit
    50% humidity
    I'm using vegganic products on soil
    ph 7.5( how to lower ph on soil)

    re vegged wonder woman

    northern lights


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    its either hungry or you've got some sort of lock out due to ph, are you feeding yet? see in picture 3 the leave thats closer to the front of picture, the outside edges are a lighter color green, that a deficiency of some sort, yours looks like Magnesium Deficiency, check this link out.
  3. Hey,

    Yes I'm feeding with general organics GoBox, I'm a little confused on how to attack this problem, should I feed with a stronger dosage?

    thank you!
  4. I'm gonna try to get a better pic
  5. how often and much are you feeding now? whats the npk of it? also does it have other nute traces in it apart from the npk? you could try and up the dose abit and see if it improves, the yellowing of the other leaves could also be nitrogen def so if i had to guess i would say there not getting enough feed,
  6. better pics

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  7. that was quick with the pics lol, pic 3 looks like its got a bit burned off the light, imo i would def put it down to not enough food, try upping the dose abit but not loads at one time, you dont want to nute burn them.
  8. Ok I will do that and lift the light a bit, thanks a lot for your help.

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  10. pics update day 20 into 12/12


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  11. Looks like a sulfate or nitrogen deficiency to me. Could well be something to do with your PH levels aswell so dont count that out.

    Heres a link that will help you find out what its likely to be (Pictures and a good explaination of all types off different problems)
  12. thx man, I'm not sure how to lower the ph on soil, I have been trying to keep it at 7 but right now it's like 7.5, is there some trick to fix this or just flush and then keep feeding with good water?

  13. I would flush and feed with good PH'd water.

  14. Thx man I'll try that today! :wave:

  15. The GO line is pseudo organic and the ingredients are chelated (ionic bond to inorganic substances).

    Next grow dump the bottles and learn to grow straight organic (brew your own teas and make your own compost) and you won't have these problems anymore. You'll also NEVER have to worry about PH, PPM or flushing again. Ever.

    Best of luck
  16. What kind of water are you using? Distilled? RO? Tap?
  17. Thanks for the the info and advice. I'll start reading about the subject to be prepared.
  18. sorry I didn't see ur question till just now.

    Tap water, I let it sit for a day before I use it.:eek:

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