day 14 of my grow....LST ok

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by luv2chief, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. hey just started day 14 I have decided to do one plant LST and topping and the other one just topping as it seems to be pretty short and bushy as it is... My question is do they look alright right the crooked one is the one I am trying to LST by i get myself worried that i am going to snap the stem(stem is pretty thick). So should I just give her time to grow toward the light and then tie down again and so on, or just i just scrap the whole lst grow and just go with SCROG because the LST seems to be stressing my plant( or maybe I waited to long to LST)

    Just so you know I am using organic soil with some peatmoss bonemeal and alaskan fish emulsion nutes with watering about every day or two but 1/4 the recomended dosage for now.

    Thank you for the help, much appreciated!!
  2. m8 im nearly at 3 weeks of LST on all 4 of my NL and I started training at 2 weeks just bend the top over has far has you feel its safe to then tie it down check 24 hr later and pull it down a bit more'I have just switch from CFL to the HPS and in 24 hrs I can realy see the difference the side shoots have took over the main top and it's growing from everywhere,LST em all i say'be easyer to LST em all rather then one has you can have the light the same distance above all the plants then.
  3. cool ok so a gradual bend over a week or so to really get it started cool ill try it...only problem seems to be all my nodes and leaves are so close and bushy its hard to tie it anywhere but ill make it work
  4. yea try to avoid getting in the way of new growth'but you will need to check again in less then a week tho m8'within hrs u should see the head trying to pint back towards the light just keep taking her down a bit more anc then just keep tieing down all the new growth to...
    what strain is it m8 because your pretty much at the same time has me be interesting to compare'this is my 1st LST to'plants are looking wild lol.
    This is mine at 18-19 days
  5. it is just some bagseed just my first grow what are strain do you got? grow journal?
  6. Northen lights bro........No Gj yet gunna wait till the end and try making a video of it.

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