Day 14 in Veg - How's it lookin'

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Makizushi, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. My camera is terrible.

    My set up is pretty simple. I'll run down a few key points.

    1 plant
    2 stacked rubbermaid boxes (waiting for a check before I construct a wooden grow box)
    104 Watts of CFL
    90 degrees all the time (I know I know..)
    3 inches tall
    On day 14

    Tell me what you think, guys!


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  2. wow! she's gorgeous
  3. for being at 90 all the time she looks very healthy...good luck with the grow and keep me posted :)
  4. Time to put it into a bigger pot.
  5. how many nodes u at? im at 2weeks tomorrow using rubbermaid with cfls, mine are starting the 4th i think and look very similar to yours, ill be checkin this, are plants should be done around the same time
  6. They call her "Jen":hello:
  7. Lookin good!

    I agree with an above poster that you should transplant to a bigger pot sometime this week.
  8. I just transplanted the plant into that pot from a cup. I'm going to let it grow in that for a bit before transplanting it again into a larger container.
  9. well. The less times you have to transport the less stress, and less possibility of droping it or screwing it up. GL GG
  10. Bigger pot as they said of course. Second? I'd consider feeding that little lady some type of nutes with Nitrogen in it. The girl could stand to get a bit deeper green. Kudos on the great little lady!
  11. Haha, the flash made my plant look light colored. It's honestly a nice lush dark green color. She's so far good and healthy. New growth is coming in nicely and I'm looking to LST very soon.

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