Day 12 Flowering (???)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sd_dscheese, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. High All!

    I have a dumb question but i figure i should ask it rather than screw my plant up or something. My 1 plant is in the 12th day of flowering and theres hairs in some places but not anything "bud" looking. This is my first grow so Im not sure if there should be "bud" looking stuff yet. Its under a 400w HPS, and is pretty bushy. I will try to post some pics later ( batteries are dead) . The plant is from a seed i got from a bag. and Im 95% sure its a female, only other possibility would be shes a hermf.. but any help or tips are greatly appreciated! :wave:
  2. heres a pic i took last night of my confirmed female on day 12 of flowering, does yours look like this?

  3. Looks perfect to me! Just wait till those hairs turn amber, the buds will be sooo fat then.
  4. thats just someone showing off, lol, the guy who made the thread didnt post any pics yet... how long did you veg for???
  5. thats why i posted the pic of my plant, cause that was on day 12 of flowering. just wanted to try to help, NOT tryin to show off lol. toke on :smoke:
  6. HIGH All, I agree...I don't think he was showing O.F.F.F. just helping....nice Lady by the way AbLivaSpade
  7. you are so right ther,,, im on day 11 and my shit dont look nothing like that,,,hell i just idintified all my males,,,,all i got now is about 4 or 5 white hairs,,,
  8. dude im just playin... they look real nice tho thats why the comment came up.
    hey if i had a plant on day 12flower that looked like that id be showin it off too.

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