Day 11 Of My 2nd Grow/Introducing My Self

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  1. Hey guys im new to the forum and there is great info on here. Plus its a great way to kill some time! Anyways ive been involved in forums( and bud smoking for a long time.

    However growing is new to me. I finally have my own place where i dont have to worry. My 1st grow i had to cut down(2 plants about 11inchs, not bud) Im growing inside a space bed room, so no fans or special vent. The babies have their own room....

    This is what i got so far . Any advice or options would be great! Actually please tell me what im doing wrong or need to do.

    Seeds: From a bag of mids

    Location:spare bed room

    Soil: Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix

    Vent: No Special fans or vents

    Feed: No food for these babies

    Watering: I water with tap water every night( the soil dry's out within the days time)

    Lighting: The plants get 24/7 light. 6 hours of sunlight on a window sill and the rest is under this(1) light.


    Here Are the 3 I have so far!


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