Day 11 AK 48 autoflower - 2 seeds one pot

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    15037153741541854640726.jpg 1503715447464990194970.jpg 15037155466922075249406.jpg 15037153741541854640726.jpg 1503715447464990194970.jpg 15037155466922075249406.jpg 15037153741541854640726.jpg Hi guys,
    Need some suggestions here. I'm an amateur grower, this is my first time. I ordered a few seeds from Nirvana (Ak48 autofem). Put two seeds in a pot both grew, didn't feel like separating them. They're big now. I need to know 3 things:

    1) I'm using normal CFL but I've ordered a growlight. Will one grow light be enough? Same 24 hrs schedule?

    2) do you think the pot size is okay? If not then what should I do?

    3) How do you think they're growing?

    I've attached a few shots, any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. I would get them outta the same pot the root systems get huge let me tell yah. 24hr is not a good light cycle I would do 18/6 they grow more while the lights are off just like they are outside. They look good maybe a little stretched like the light was far away.

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    yo bro get the lights closer theyre stretching. at this stage u can use 100-200w cfl with blue k temp at a diatance of no more than 3-4 inch from the canopy. being said its an auto again... repotting gona be tough.. be careful when doing that theyre so vulnrable these auto seeds.., move asap to HPS keep 15" from the plants first day than drop an inch every day til ur 10" away... my n.lights auto got lil stunt with 10 inch distance from a 400w so moved it to like 12 now...

    im on day 25ish from seed thiz is how she looks, very compact. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Take the one on the outer edge and repot... Will reduce yield some but you'll likely kill both trying to grow em in same pot... your gonna have deficiencys like crazy as they fight for every drop... trust me.. try and repot the outer edge one.. and yes move your light a little closer... their stretching alot

    Mars Hydro 400 Led Ultra Lemon Haze Cyco Nutrients
  5. Read the help with autos sticky thread. 1-You probably won't yield much with a cfl, what light did u order?
    2-And yes I'd repot the side into its own container before the roots get tangled.
    3-they're stretching, put the cfl like 1" away

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  6. What light specs would you guys recommend? I can get it local. I'm a home grower.. Growing below my staircase...please recommend a solution so that I don't have to get more lights when they get big...
  7. Hey li
    hey Luke,

    Much appreciated. Can you recommend some cheap lights( the one I can buy online) or specs(so that I can get it fast and local).
  8. bro, I'm scared to separate them... Any other suggestion? I read somewhere same plants often share noots and grow faster. Is it true?
  9. no bro, sometimes its done outdoors for guerilla grows.. when they put 4-5 seeds every hole and the strongest lives...

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  10. I use cfl's so I can't recommend a light. But just look around the forum and see what others are using. I think there's even a lighting section here somewhere. And about moving the second plant, some plants need different nutes and needs than others. So if you have two in the same pot, but one is, for example, nitrogen toxic and the other is nitrogen deficient, what's you gonna do? Stuff like that along with roots fighting for space. Dobit how before it's too late

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  11. I've grown 2 plants in one pot a few times thinking it would increase my yield but come to find out they only grow half as big. They didn't get deficiencies but did struggle for space. If you grow them in their own pots with some plant training you will get way more yield.
    As far as cheap lights go the mars leds do fine so do the viparspectra.
    There are the new quantum boards that are diy. Check them out in the lighting section.
    Amazon has a good assortment of lights in the $70 range.

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  12. Hey guys,

    I installed 30w led FLOOD light IP65 .... At a distance on 5-6 inches... Will it be enough?

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  13. Your light would work better hanging above your plants so they don't bend toward the light. Are you sure this one has the right spectrum for cannabis?

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  14. Yeah. I'll hang those lights. I mean those lights seem to be accelerating the process, so why not use them, Right?!!

    We don't get all these flavors in here.. can't wait to taste

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  15. I thought I'll update you guys... it has been 25 days and this is how they look. I thought they were both ak48 but they look so different. What do you guys think? I think the sharp one looks like indica[​IMG][​IMG]

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