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Day 1 of tolerance break...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. ...I am the most irritable fucker around today! Everything pisses me off! I've sent "FUCK YOU" emails to people who are my friends. I also just flat out told my mother that I smoked weed cuz I am tired of hiding it. I had a cup of green tea in the morning, but thats all the relaxing I have done today. The rest of this day has gone bonkers. I fucking locked myself outta my room, then had to climb through the window. Do I want to smoke, no, cuz I would just have to go through all this again. Yeah, you ever notice how irritable you can get when not smoking?

    This day has been a frustrating mess!
  2. hey man, i know how you feel.

    the first day is the hardest, and to be honest the next two aren't gonna be too much fun either... but it gets WAY better from there, so no worries. you'll make it!

    if you have any anger (which we all do on a tbreak), i'd say just post here. vent your anger to fellow blades, we know how shitty you feel right now. but try not to think about it, and the best thing to do is really to keep yourself busy. i tend to just hang out with people who don't smoke when i'm on a t break so i don't think/talk about it as much.

    again, good luck!
  3. Thanks for the support! I really do appreciate it! I have to do this 4 times a year? wow I need to not let my tolerance get out of control like it has.
  4. I barely percieved any withdrawal symptoms when I take my t-breaks. But then again, I smoke only about five times a week on average.

  5. I was smoking 3.5g of the kind every 2-3 days. There are no physical withdrawals from THC just psychological ones. Anyways just got finished walking 2 miles in 30 min for my workout portion of my tolerance break. Took a b complex for the metabolism and have been drinking plenty of H2O.
    I notice that I am a lot less irritable after a workout, so maybe thats how I should be starting my day.
  6. good luck to the next day haha
  7. I know just how you feel man.
    It's only been 3 days since I stopped, and it seems like all I do is spill shit and yell.
    When I'm high or looking forward to getting high, I'm much more relaxed and not much really bothers me. But the last few days have been pretty frustrating.
  8. LOL, on day one? Haha, you are in for a surprise in like four days. On day one I am chill as shit. On day five I start to get somewhat irritable.
    edit: apparently this is in contrast to qed's experience. it might go both ways, then. day one i find is easiest.

    Just do something. go for a walk, whatever.

    I'm on day five at the moment, actually. Not a T-break, but more of a one month challenge. If i can resist the temptation (Weed and pipe right in front of me) for a month I'm golden.
  9. Yeah man, you kind of bugged out for a day one.. I hope you get through it alright.
  10. Man, I feel you. I'm on day 17 right now! :eek:

    I'm gonna break it on sunday.

  11. I know what you mean on that one. I stopped smoking for nearly a month and I'm fairly certain I was clean. Those first times getting high again are simply immaculate.
  12. I take a tolerance break after almost every time I'm finished with a sack. Yeah, it does suck the begin with. All of the things you describe are normal. Just stick with it and by the week's end, you'll be fine. Keep yourself occupied and think about things that calm you down. Take some time out when you feel overwhelmed and listen to some chill music. I'm like on week 3 or so and I don't even have a craving anymore. Of course I've cleaned out my piece to a shiny finish so there's no resin to tempt me. Be a soldier, it'll pay off the next time you smoke.
  13. My mood never changes if I decide to take a break. I smoked multiple times every day for the past few months, and decided a couple days ago that I should take a break so I can focus more on Physics which is kicking my ass right now. I don't seem to be having any bad fits or anger issues; it's all in your head, dude.
  14. haha i smoke bout an eigth a day and can quit smoken for a week without even noticing im not smoking. i just smoke every day cuz i see no reason not too :)

    Edit: By the way, im just stoned, not trying to be an ass
    Edit to my edit: Then again i cant tell if that actualy sounds like me being an ass.....
  15. Well I am one crazy son of a bitch. I have a problem when I am in bad moods, I radiate the hate. It sucks. Its hard not to do.
  16. I def reccomend working out to get out any extra stress and frustartion, it will get better after a few days thsoeare the hardest it seems. HAng in there.

  17. Thank you for the support. And that goes for everyone who has posted a supporting post. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It feels good to have support from my fellow weed smokers!

    I love you guys!
  18. I know how you feel man, when I first came to college I took a 15 day tolerance break, smoked again for about 2 weeks, and now i'm on day 2 of my second tolerance break(this one is gonna last 3 months :\). It's not that bad for me though, I work out every day which relieves a lot of stress.
  19. I know I hate taking those "tolerance" breaks too. I'm a pretty laid back guy when I'm sober, but the first few days of not smoking after smoking daily for months on end, man do I get pissy. Last time I did it I reminded myself of my ex-girlfriend when she was having her period. You'd be surprised how goddamn irritable you get when you change your habits so quick. Now I just try to ease off on my smoking when I need a "break" - that way I'm still smoking, but I'm smoking less and less every day. My tolerance drops while I do that, I can quit for as long as I want, and I manage to skip that cranky 3-4 day period I'd have if I just up and stopped smoking.

    I also found that running ("working out") was pretty therapeutic for me those few days after I quit smoking.

    It really just comes down to whether or not you have something to keep you occupied throughout each day. If you do, you tend to have less mood problems. Mine usually came from being bored; boredom was a breeding ground for depression/bad moods for me.
  20. Dude i hear you man, i havent smoked since sunday ( btw 2 blunts and 2 bowls that day lol with a friend) and i have no weed and i have been in a similar mood status.

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