Dawn of the Dead - Original or Remake?

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    Which do you like better, the original Dawn of the Dead or the 2004 Remake? Feel free to post your reasons why. Personally I enjoy them both for different reasons, though if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the original because the people seemed, just a tad, smarter than those in the remake. :p
  2. I have to agree and say both were good. But of course the original will always be the best but I like in the remake how they made the zombies more quick. They could run and chase after u, made things more exciting
  3. i prefer the original but the remake had its really good points like *AnToN420* mentioned
  4. Anyone who votes for the remake should be strung up by the balls. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good movie and an even better remake (as far as remakes are concerned)... But it can not hold a candle to the original.

    The original is a fucking classic. It has poignant social commentary, characters that are believable and flawed... characters you end up falling in love with. It really isnt a movie about zombies... more about what the human race does in a moment of desperation... it is very very razor sharp.

    The remake is just a fun zombie movie, nothing more.
  5. I do not really like quick zombies. Makes the whole situation utterly impossible to deal with. :p
  6. Loved the original, the remake is a joke.
  7. What about the remake makes it a joke?
  8. I don't think the remake is a joke at all... it knew what it was going for and it delivered in spades. It was a taught zombie horror with lots of action and some pretty funny dialogue... I loved every bit of it except for a few casting choices and a few choices the director made with his shots.
  9. Remake is amazing. They cut all the bullshit most horror movies try to add (love, etc) and just have hardcore zombie slaying.
  10. The remake contains a tragic love story, so what are you talking about?

  11. Haha me and a friend where actually have a conversation about this a couple days ago.

    Fast zombies are terrifying.

    I think I could deal with slow zombies but thats probably be because i have played alot of resident evil and dead rising:cool:
  12. I think I could deal with slow zombies as well. I do not see how someone could not, except for in the initial stages of an outbreak when they would not know what was going on. Once you have the knowledge, avoiding the zombies seems rather easy. Of course, if you were the only person left on the planet, even slow zombies would prove your undoing. :p
  13. I enjoy both, but I prefer the original. They both have their moments, and the elevator scene in the remake is good and tense. But there are tons more things that endear me to the original. Not the least of which is Tom Savini: machete biker.

    I also prefer slow zombies to quick ones. Sure, fast zombies are more terrifying in the short term, but traditional zombies have a sort of slow-burn terror that I like more. Sure, it might be relatively easy to kill 3 or 4 shambling zombies, but they keep coming. At a glacial pace. And maybe you could survive long enough, as long as you and your friends worked together. But you won't. Things fall apart. Your mutual suspicion and distrust leads to utter decimation in the face of what seems like a relatively surmountable foe.

    Oh, and also the original has a soundtrack by Goblin. Motherfucking Goblin, people.

    But I digress. The real answer is: Day of the Dead. Bub is one bad mamma-jamma.
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    I love the classic, but I also loved the remake for what it was-a pretty entertaining movie that brought zombies back into the spotlight.

    did you mean the security guard and the red head girl? Or the father who turned into a zombie? Or the wife who's useless husband turned into a zombie and ate the gardener?

    Ah who cares.
  15. Both but its hard to beat the classic.
  16. I was talking about the guy who sold TVs at Best-Buy and the girl we first see at the beginning of the movie, played by Sarah Polley. :p Very tragic, indeed... ;)
  17. I had to vote for the original as it is my favorite horror movie of all time. All the issues that it tackles are important as other's have said. I hated the remake with a passion. I am just so partial to the original that a remake could not hold a candle, plus I don't like the concept of running zombies it just seems flawed. The only remake of a Romero movie that I liked was NOTLD by Savini. On a side note is you like Romero movies I highly reccomend The Crazies it is second only to Dawn of the Dead.
  18. havent seen the classic but the remake was awesome.
  19. I consider myself a zombie connoseiur and indeed like them both but I liked the remake better. The remake is very close to the orginal in general detail but the original was much slower. The main notable difference is the zombies. in Romeros original they were traditional slow/stupid zombies whereas they are superfast aggressive zombies in the remake, which is a very big deal in zombie lore.

    I liked Andy and the rooftop aspect from the remake too. Plus the zombie mobiles?! c'mon, friggin awesome.
  20. this is one of my favorite zombie movies. but i have never seen the original. i like the new one. it was good. i like fast zombies. my fave part has got to be at the beginning, when that kid just hops up in the hallway and charges the door, and when (sara polley) goes racing in to the bathroom and falls in the tub. those are two of my fave parts.

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