dawn of the dead; flash game; see how long you can last

Discussion in 'General' started by Funkenstein, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. damn, that's hard. made me jump a few times.
  2. ive gotten about 25 zombies killed w/ 90% accuracy.

    trick is to aim towards the top of the fence and use the radar to wait for them to get to the top. they spend a little time there before they jump so you get more time to aim.
  3. Yo, that game is lame, and from what Ive heard, so is the movie.
  4. That game sucks ass. I keep dying before I can do anything. At most I can get one shot off and not see a damn thing. I've heard the movie is good, though.
  5. my current best is 50 zombies at 90% accuracy.

    just shoot them at the top of the fence they're their longer. once you get used to the radar you can find them w/out seeing them at all. always keep the gun aimed at the top of the fence when you swing around and take out the one thats closest to jumping first.

    it is reptative, and designed to be impossible. but hey it's free.

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