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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mr Moose, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Hey guys,
    im having a problem that i dont have much experience with; a bad ebay seller..
    i bought the Davinci vape on ebay for 100 bucks plus shipping, i bid for the item.
    i got it a couple days ago and only used it once.
    i turn it on last night and i instantly fall in love with it, its awesome and worked how it's supposed to work.
    then later that night i was going to hit it up before bed when all of a sudden the red light that lets you know it's heating up starting blinking instead of flashing solid and it wont heat up.
    the buttons wont do anything (power button, lower/higher temperature buttons). it just stays at 375F but wont heat up. its completely broken and nothing will fix it.
    my real question is:
    can i do anything about this? i dont recall the seller writing a description, only posted 3-4 pictures of it and was stated as used. but he didnt write anything about it being defected and im almost positive he was just trying to sell a broken product.
    back when i ordered it i asked about it, and his reply was his brother used it once, didnt like it, so he's selling it.
    Any feedback is SUPER appreciated, sorry for the long post.
    TL;DR : can i do anything about a guy who sold me a broken vape on ebay?

  2. Do yourself a favor next time and go to the Classifieds section on the fuckcombustion forum. The people that sell there are (mostly) nice people with a love for vaporizers. They don't try to rip you off. (I say this because I've sold a vaporizer there)
  3. thanks for the reply, sadly i only found FC the day after i bought the Davinci >.<
    as an update though, i contacted the seller, as ebay wants you to contact them before you contact ebay.
    i contacted him because i re-read the description of the item i bought and it said that it will work 100% fine, so im using that as my complaint because my product doesnt match the description. hopefully i get my money back :\\
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    Yup.   I've sold a few there myself,  a DaVinci Ascent and a Purple Days along with a HVY Mini-Beaker and a custom worked glass stem for the PD.
    One of the things that's really nice about the classifieds at FC is that there is a forum dedicated to positive or negative feedback on any buyer/seller transaction.    Kinda keeps everyone on their toes.
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    What I do is I would buy a new one from the store, make sure there is a return policy and switch them out. Make sure the store you go to is full of trusting people. I did that with a water pump,vac pump, my torch lighters if they happen to break and other purchases. Vaporizers you could tell the shop simply that this shit don't work.
    Well that's kinda fucked.    Find a store full of trusting people and then fuck them over?    What the.....???? :confused_2:
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    In the words I put it Yea it may be fucked up But if you want a working product that may be the only route you can take if you want your money back. A store can return it to a shipper easier than you can so the world is not over for that store.  Someone fucked you over so now its time to pay it forward. Arizer solo's are better anyways,,another Da Vinci will probably crap out on you just like the one you have now. 
    my bad your not op.. but anyways
  8. See what the guy on eBay says
  9. ^the guy isnt messaging me, its almost 3 days i told him after that i would be contacting ebay etc. not sure how that'll play out but he did sell me a piece that he claimed to work and it doesnt, so i dont see how i wont be able to get ebay to side with me.
  10. LOL, For 8 dollars more, you could have gotten a new one. 

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