David Goldstein 16" Fritted Disc

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  1. Finally came today, love this bitch. Only got to play with it a little because my landlord is coming in a little to grab the rent money, but after I will test different water levels and such.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUduQ8hIByw]DavidGoldstein - YouTube[/ame]

    watch in 1080p - it actually does make a difference with the bubbles.
  2. Congrats man, awesome piece and thx for sharing the vid!
  3. Thats the sexiest fucking piece ever, congrats
  4. Yea nice piece been wanting one of those
    lucky ass
  5. Thanks guys. I truly love it. Sleek, beautiful, it purrs like a kitten... diffuses wonderfully in little water, so the hits are surprisingly tasty.
  6. Is it true that you can't really use buds with these?

  7. Why would that be the case? Worked quite fine for me..
  8. do the little frits dont get clogged easy?

  9. Honestly I'd probably be the wrong person to ask because I wash / clean daily if not twice daily, but I imagine it would, with particulates and resin. But, a ISO soak and shake would do the trick, maybe twice weekly I'm sure. I'll be getting an A/C to fit nicely to prevent large chunks from going in, as the DG stock piece (single maria, single hole (big too - needs a glass screen)) does not stop them. Kind of disappointing.. but whatev.
  10. Sorry for wording that bad lol
    and yea wanted to get one of those
    how much was it? my lhs has them for arround 500
  11. That is so badass man. Congrats. I love the way it diffuses.

  12. That's way expensive - hopefully the ones marked 5 bills have a colored frit disc, or is some other design that merits that price. I got mine at the laboratory of technology, located in aqua for $380 shipped.

    The joint is a 24mm male(which fits a 18mm nail) and also comes with a 24mm>18mm chimney (which also acts as a dome if you were to use the 18mm nail as mentioned). Pretty cool little setup, I am really happy with this buy.
  13. looks like the same DG tube as i have. you should have got some fritted pre-filters with it that go inside the 26>18 adapter tho, they keep half burnt crap from getting stuck under the disc when your smoking flowers.
  14. Ohhh is that what those do? Ill check that out
  15. I love that piece!!! How much did it cost?
  16. $380 shipped
  17. I hope everything is going well with your DG, I'm new to GC but I figure I would post mine. I got a red 65 mm disk, there biggest disk, and it hits awesome.

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  18. Here's a good pic of it

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  19. woah that red disc is bad fucking ass, but honestly how is the drag on these things? plz no bias either haha
  20. I water tested one at my lhs. There is a bit of effort to get the tube goin bit after that its pretty much effortless.

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