David Blaine Special tonight!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, May 23, 2002.

  1. Any of you that can should watch this!! This guy is "Fuckinunbelievafuckinble" Don't know if he has "real" magic, but I do know he is a MASTER illusionist!!

    Gonna stand on a tiny platform, 90ft in the air, for 35hrs., then jump into a pile of cardboard boxes!!!

    But his real talent lies in his street magic, apparently levitates, and simply amazes me!!! :smoking:
  2. what channel?
  3. ABC, 10pm/9 central :D: Even stone cold sober, this guy will AMAZE you! :D:
  4. David Blaine does kick ass. He levitated on the streets in his first TV special and it was as real as it gets. I have no idea how he did it but it was so real. Everything he does is incredible. His card tricks just leave you amazed.
  5. man that special sucked. it only had a few tricks, but they were mad cool. the entire thing was about him jumping off that pillar...which isnt really magic
  6. I was disappointed in it. His street magic kicks ass but this wasn't very impressive.
  7. I was really disapointed in the "stunt", wish they'd showed more of his street magic!! That was cool when he stuck his hand thru the jewelry store window!! Think how easy and cheap gift shopping would be if you could do that!! :D: :smoking:
  8. Sorry to burst all of your bubbles but that levitating thing is a fake. I saw Fox's special, magic tricks revealed and they explained how he did it. He stands at an angle and stands on one toe to make it look like he is levitating like a couple inches off the ground and then after they film the reaction from the crowd they film him being lifted up with an invisible wire. David Blaine is a weak ass hack.
  9. Of course he's fake!! But a very entertaining one. As far as being a "weak ass hack", you're sure entitled to you opinion, but I think he is a very talented street magician. Once their "magic" is exposed, ALL magicians are fake.Houdini, Copperfield, ie, none I can think of, have REAL magic, only Illusion!! :D: :D: :hippie:
  10. i like him :)! but if someone looked at me like HE looks at people,well i think i would seriously cry,lol. dudes waaay to intense.
    i think he cool but i was uhm, watching this uh, boxing special. lol
    an by then i forgot. im suure you understand.
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  11. i kinda hate magic but when im stoned it amazes me to no end.
  12. The man needs help and i aint joking he aint all there and he needs to be locked up.

  13. Agreed, at least Houdini's tricks were impressive. Standing on a platform and then jumping into cardboard boxes. How can that even be considered magic?

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