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  1. Any body else here listen to Dave, i was nvr a really big fan, only had heard a few of his songs everynow and then on the radio and tv. but a friend of mine got me listen to him and know im addited, the played out dave songs u hear on the radio dont do his music justice, i cant wait till he plays here at river bend this summer, friend of mine told me it was the best night of his life, everyone smokin and drinkin and just havin a good time listen to music.
    here are sum good songs, the songs/albums that are recorded live are the best, like ive at Red Rocks or at Luther College

    Dancing Nancies(live at redrock)
    Stream(this is a guitar solo that will freak u the fuck out listen to all of it HIGH)
    Seek up
    Typical situation
    Deed is done
    All along the watchtower(jimmy hindrix remake)
    Grey street
    I did it
    Two Step
    Redemption song
    Tonight lets be lovers
  2. heck yeah man! Dave Mathews is the shit!!:smoke:
  3. make sure you go to that show, you will not regret it!
    The first (and only so far) Dave show ive been to was the single most amazing night of my life, its such a great show....
    and everyone goes in high, and leaves 10x higher!
    Beer and bud & great tunes everywhere
  4. i used to love dave but his new songs lack the passion that he once had. i think that before these crowded streets is his last good album. his tickets are too expensive so i dont go anymore and the one i did go to wasnt that good.
  5. I dunno, Im not into Dave at all...I like only 1 or 2 of his songs, I dont even knwo the names lol
  6. by himself hes a good musician..... but with the band dave is amazing... gravediggers the best new song but i love like everything the band ever did
  7. *tears* You don't even have the best song!!

    Dave Matthews Band - Crash into me
    (I play this one on my guitar)
  8. Hell yeah man, dave is the chron. I fuckin' love dave matthews... it's such chill as music to jam to when fucked up, or even when not. One of my best friend's brother went and saw him play with Trey from phish 2 nights ago and I geuss it was just insane. Everyone blazed ofcourse...... It was down in chicago--I'm jealous!
  9. I saw him on 12/16 in massachusetts...fucking awsome. I blazed before and he put on a great show.
  10. You are very very lucky. :) I'd like to light up a spliff in the middle of one of his shows and pass it to him. :smoke:

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