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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by phisher_man, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. Bought the Dave Matthews Central Park dvd tonight and it is friggin kickass. I suggest you see/buy it. I HIGHly suggest it. :smoke: Mostly just cuz I LOVE Dave.

    peace :D
  2. helllllz ya mon....i went to that show and it kicked ass. DVD is sick too.
  3. ugh, i can\'t stand the guy. i guess im not a fan of that music in general (dave, john maher, counting crows, etc) but for some reason he REALLY makes me mad. maybe its the fact that he\'s a 30something year old balding guy who tries to seem young and hip. but whatever, to each his own i suppose. im sure there are plenty of people who don\'t like the music i listen to.

    oh, and does anyone else think john maher looks like he has downs syndrome when he sings??? even my sister agrees, and she likes his music. (btw, he grew up in my town... comes back and visits his old high school like once a month and hangs out there. i only WISH i could get all the high school poon he gets ;p)

  4. Dave Matthews is an incredibly talented person and i dont think hes acting young and hip..... his career allows him to be a big drunk/stoner and i think that kicks ass

    as for jon mayer..... i think he tries too hard. hes way too sappy and theres no way a pop star can have that many lady problems

    havent seen the dvd yet but ive heard the cd from that show and its pretty damn good
  5. Dave Matthews doesn\'t try to do anything. He is who he is. He loves music and people love him for that. He had a rough life and a lot of that is evident through his music. I suggest you read up on him and his background before you rip on him..

  6. I dont think theres anyway to group Dave with john mayer and counting crows. they may have similiar sounds, but Dave is slightly more complex than that. he had a way with his words in his stories, and the use of instraments he keeps wide. and yeah everybody ages! hes still that lil hippy boy at heart, grinning away!
    last week in fact, i was checking ou tthe dvds..wondering how they were..but i had to go with an incubus one. :)
  7. Funny you say that. I watched the Incubus dvd as well as the the Dave one. I suggest you check it out though. Anyway, rock on man... Dave rocks. Hell yeah.


  8. which one? I bought the morning view sessions that day..it was the one I wanted at the time..but i wondered how the others were..

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