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  1. Hey GC,

    So I have to write a paper in my english composition class on a comedian, and i chose dave chappelle. My thesis is that dave does a better job reaching his audience and diffusing racial tension through his stand-up than through Chappelle's show because he is able to incoorporate his personality in to his standup, rather than his ridiculous personas that offer only silly catchphrases that people latch on to, such as "im rick james, bitch", which makes people miss the point of his acts.

    Im not looking for help on my thesis, im simply asking for your guys input:

    What do you think of Dave Chappelle? do you think he is effective in communicating an anti-racist message?
  2. Did you wake up this morning and start smoking crack?

  3. I think he's great.

  4. he eases racial tension
  5. Dave Chapelle is one funny ass mother fucker. especially the *****r family. had me laughing for 1 straight hour, and need i say it i wasnt even high.
  6. I'm in college too. When I get to choose a person do to a biography on, here's your best guideline: Keep in mind the professor/TA (whoever is evaluating the paper). If your professor is a Mormon who won't drink coffee, then don't profile Cypress Hill or Ron Jeremy, for example. When it comes to a comedian, if your professor is conservative or traditional, write the paper on someone clean like Bill Cosby instead. If your professor is liberal-minded, go ahead and do Dave Chappelle.

    An asshole professor will subconsciously decrease your grade just because they do not like the person you chose.

    All I know is I've gotten good grades by choosing a proper topic that the professor wouldn't have any preconceived notions against.

  7. yup, no better forum for crack smokers than grasscity...

    and thanks for the help guys, i'm supposed to use some sort of forum or blog in my paper as a resource, so even just answering my question with a yes or no is helpful.

    expanding a little wouldnt hurt either tho.

    keep em comin :smoke:
  8. Id' use em cause he makes normal things funny and his comedy is pretty observant for as much as it is hilarious haha. So i'd go for it. That guy can turn a depressed situation funny.
  9. I think he is racist as fuck. But I still love him cause I think racism is funny, dont know why but it is. Ive seen all his movies, tv episodes and stand ups. Man is a black, bud smoking, comedic genius. :cool:

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