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  1. Me and my friend got a small bag of datura seeds from a headshop the other day, and after doing a lot of research we ate some. Most of the account scared the hell out of us, so we ate 5 each, nothing happened. Next day we ate 15 each, then 10 then the last 5. Nothing happened still. Im sure they were low potency or the second day something would of happened. But now I think I'm just going to grow a datura plant since they grow good where I live.

    Anyways, anyone have any experiences or info to throw at me? The only good information I got was from erowid and that was still kinda bare.
  2. step away from that... a headshop should not be selling that... those can fucking kill you easily

    its a fucking poison induced delirium that is highly toxic. every trip is a fucking nightmare its not something to be used recreationally or at all especially if you dont know what your doing

    please listen to what i said and stop before you hurt yourself
  3. Family: Solanaceae

    Genus: Datura

    Species: Metel

    Type: Annual

    Height: 4-6 ft

    Seed Spacing: 6-9 inches

    Zones: USDA Zones 9a-11

    Sun: Full-partial

    Bloom: Purple, white; Late Spring/Early Summer, mid Summer, Late Summer/Early Fall (Blooms repeatedly)

    Seeds: Allow seeds to dry ON PLANT to collect

    Effects: Deliriant

    Active Chemicals: Tropane alkaloids

    Germination: To germinate datura seeds, place in a sterile seed-starting mix and keep moist, but not overly wet. Bottom heat, producing a soil temperature of about 80 degrees may speed the process. Alternatively, plant the seeds in the flowerbed after danger of frost and when the soil has warmed (at the same time when one would also plant peppers and eggplants). Expect seeds to sprout in one to six weeks from sowing, but don't assume the seeds are not viable if they haven't appeared after that time.

    How to use: In many areas of South America various Brugmansia species are cultivated and used in much the same way as Datura species are elsewhere. To this day the ground seeds are mixed into the Chicha, the sacramental corn beer.
    In the Amazon various species of Brugmansia are used either alone or as an additive to Ayahuasca, the most important sacred visionary brew of that area.
    Datura (Datura metel) plays an essential role in the Initiation ritual of the Chumash. Upon reaching puberty all young boys and girls are given a cold water extract of Datura root which sends them on a visionary journey with a deep hallucinatory sleep to follow. Boys are usually initiated individually whilst girls, due to their gentler temperament, may sometimes be initiated in groups.
    Sadhus and Yogis smoke the leaves and seeds mixed with Ganja, another plant sacred to Shiva. The combination of the two plants alludes to the dual (androgynous) nature of the God. Datura represents the male polarity whilst Ganja symbolizes the feminine aspect. The chilum is lit with two sticks, further signifying the duality. As the God of Flames Shiva transforms the inherent powers of his sacred plants and invokes the cosmic sexual energy of the universe. The Kundalini snake, hitherto fast asleep in the nether regions of the base chakra is awakened and winds its way up through the chakras until the yogi's consciousness is filled with cosmic consciousness in which all opposites merge into oneness. In accordance with this symbolism Datura flowers in particular held a widespread reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac.

    In cases of poisoning one should induce vomiting and bowel evacuation as a first aid measure.
    Willow-charcoal powder can be given for detoxification.
  4. you're going to die... and before death you are going to have the most agonizing nightmare you've ever had inwhich you think you are being attacked by werewolves.

    fair warning...

    no, but seriously. what the fuck, dude? DATURA IS DEADLY.
  5. Hey, I realize we have never spoken, but you are really making me out to be quite a fool. We did pretty good research, and took low amounts to test out. From the long list of testimonials we looked at low amounts can be fun, and the most common mistake is taking lots and flipping out. Just looking for anyone who knows something about it or has tried and cares to share. The main reason I am planting datura is for the leaves, I hear smoking those, perhaps with marijuana is very enjoyable. Most of the bad trips Ive seen are from the seeds.
  6. it's not about flipping out. you can get bad trips on anything. it's about being poisoned and dying. seriously, datura is not something to play with. he is right, and you should look for other things. there are plenty of other cheap hallucinogenics to play with that are far less risky. get some morning glory seeds, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, mushrooms, salvia, etc.

    datura = not nearly worth it.
  7. dude, dontg use datura recreationally. read the erowid exp vaults on it. if you want a legal good time, check out HBW seeds or A muscaria caps. i got a good site, pm me if you want it.
  8. don't do datura, man, it gets you super high but leaves a dark mark on your soul.

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