Datura (Angel Trumpets)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Typewritermonky, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. First off, don't tell me not to do it. I am most likely going to do it. I can't find any information on the web about them. How would I go about extracting/using them for the aphrodisiac/hallucinogenic effects? Thank you.
  2. the active chemical in datura is scolopamine.

    It is not a aprodesiac.

    It has been used for many years in voodoo rituals to turn people into "zombies">

    It completely removes any inhibiton.

    Why dont you just go huff some jenkem?

    There about on the same level of fun...
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    Edit: It said it was an aphrodisiac, that wasn't my purpose. I want to use it for spiritual uses.
  4. The only friends I had that tried that ended up in jail for the night, when the police found my friend john at 3am he was in a neighbors house watching their T.V., dancing.

    Good luck.
  5. Hah. I read that the flowers can be smoked, is this true? Thanks.
  6. i know you dont want people to tell you not to do it, but thats careless. please dude, i dont want to see a blade die. one of my friends died from this retarded as plant. at first he was happy with it, then he just started having a seizure out of nowhere. foaming out the mouth, bleeding out his eyes and ears... not a pretty way to die. please dude, you dont want to do this shit.
  7. i've done it once and we made it into a datura tea and drank it .... i was so lost and idk it was a one time thing
  8. Please report back.
  9. Datura can be quite dangerous as dosing is hard, make sure you do your research before you make a final decision.
    This explain some of the health aspects:

    Erowid Datura Vaults : Jimson Weed Poisoning
  10. Please, if your going to do it, have a sitter that will not be afraid to take you to the hospital if needed, just dont be dumb please
  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah, sorry.

    Have fun,
  12. one time i was in rehab

    some kid came in after he ate a couple of the leaves when he was locked out of his house

    he said he woke up in the hospital

    didnt remember what happened
  13. I know its already been said, but PLEASE, do your research before thinking about datura. This is not a decision you can go back on.
  14. its not a hallucinogen its a deleriant.

    like for example if you start tripping bad and you see the devil infront of you, you wont know if its real or not
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    My trip may persuade you a little.

    I tried Datura, a very large dose.

    My trip was pure hell for 12 hours. I was 100% mentally insane, I couldn't understand anything about reality. I would look at something, like a tree, and my mind couldn't understand what it was, I was completely disconnected from reality. It wasn't as visual as it was mental. Thoughts flying through my head, thousands of emotions all going off at once, it was a nightmare. The worst part? Each second feels like an hour if your having a bad trip, you'll be stuck in the bad trip for hours and hours.

    Remember, you can change your life doing this shit. After my trip I had extensive psychological damage done to myself, I was put in a deep depression after it, and still to this day nothing seems the same as it was before I tried Datura. I think a screw went loose somewhere in my head after trying it, I'm just not the same, I cant put my finger on it. If you want to take that risk, go ahead. Btw, just a warning, your gunna enjoy the 48 hour hangover :devious:
  16. cmon guys he already said he doesnt want to hear you try and talk him out of it, obviously op plans on taking datura, so stop trying to start stuff. He wants info, not moaning and bitching
  17. no one is talking him out of it..were just giving him advice about this terrible drug.
  18. Please report back.
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