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Discussion in 'Pets' started by superjailxtwins, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I HERD PPL CAN DIE FROM THIS but what dosent now a days ?
    i need some info on this it grows in my neighbors yard
    i want to take it but like anyone trying somthing new im cautious
    soo any advice on how to prepare it so i dont die how long the trip lasts ect

  2. www.erowid.org

    it's poisonous... and apparently not a fun trip by any means. You don't hallucinate, you have delusions and you cannot tell what is real and what's not.

    but do whatever you want...
  3. thnx man im having serious doubts about it
  4. Only do it if you have a personal stomach pump.
    Because it can kill you,
    and you will indefinitely need your stomach pumped if you take it because it is poisonous.

    A few people have died taking datura around here.
  5. Dont do it. Its not like gettin high. Trust me...people who smoke alot of weed and do alotta drugs wont touch that shit...its not worth anything it comes with.

    I understand the ease of just taking the plant and gettin high for free but you will regret the fuck out of it.

    Do a search on this forum for Datura. Read some other peoples opinions on the devils smoke..
  6. i'v done it once, its not worth it i just thought that i was chillin with my bro smokin all night but when i woke up my friend never was over at my house and i still had all my weed. and my eyes couldn't focus right for a week. if you want to get a similar high thats a little more mellow and you cant die take 15 benedrill with a energy drink or some coffee
  7. I did datura once in an actual Chumash shamanic ceremony a few years back (these people have been using this stuff for thousands of years) and I still had a terrifying trip.

    Don't do it unless you're with somebody who can guide you through it.

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