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  1. Agree or disagree. I was thinking about this girl. I like her enough to fuck her. But not enough to spend money on her. So i decided i wouldn't ask her out.

    Then i got to thinking. If anything dating is pretty much prostitution. The majority of girls won't put out unless you are paying. If you ask to go dutch the pretty much never wanna talk to you again.

    And if you buy them a 4 finger diamond ring they'll fuck you on the spot.

    Is that not prostitution? From now on i'm only dating females who split the check. If i wouldn't pay for a prostitute why should i pay for a girl?
  2. But what if they dont?
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    What if they don't what? Fuck you?

    Then i mean you are still paying for the company. And they probably did other sexual favors* for you. So i guess the ones that don't put out are more like escorts?

    Whether a girl wants to fuck you or not shouldn't really matter. If she wants to date YOU then why should you need to pay her to do so? My friends don't pay me to hangout with them.
  4. If the girl is only after your $ you need to leave her
  5. I think a guy will pay for a girl to be a gentleman. when I go out I always bring money just in case but they usually pay
    its only prostitution if you make it lol
  6. If you took a girl out on a date to a restruant and at the end when they hand you the check and you said "i aint payin" the girl would be like "the fuck?"

    The only reason is because girls have vagina's and we must have sex with these vagina's in order to continue the existence of man. The only trouble is humans are to smart for their own kind and over complicate everything.

    Just let me have sex with your vagina so i can continue on our species. Dont make it so complicated...
  7. One day you'll learn to fuck them for free.

    But meanwhile, you got to spend money on them first.
  8. Does anyone else read posts like these like this?

  9. Yea i don't always pay man. But i am saying that it is something that the majority of girls will expect. And i definitely don't have the game to make them pay for me on the first date.
  10. I think this sums things up man...
    (I was watching this last night)

    [ame=]The Boondocks - Not All Women are Hos - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I think you are talking about a gold digger. The point of a hooker is that you bypass the bullshit.
  12. And this is what majority of guys will be happy to do. Just, pay for them.

    Not because they want to sleep with the girls, but just because it's a nice thing to do. And it feels good too. Just, paying for your female friend (or anyone else) without wanting anything in return.
  13. I work for my money don't make much but if I take a girl out I pay for her bc I asked her out and I like to know I can take a women out. There's one girl that's a friend that I'll pay for her icecream but that's about it with her
  14. yeah, I never split the check on a date. its weird. i fell like the man should pay, its always been like that,

    its awkward making the girl take out her money for the check...

  15. Nah man see the thing is i'm not talking about girls who you are friends with. I will pay for my friends to an extent no problem. But with girls it is different. Because it seems like most who flirt are just fucking stupid or something. All they wanna do is act retarded and flirt. But you can't have a real conversation with them.

    And to put it bluntly i don't like a lot of girls. I don't like a lot of guys to. But i mean i have met very few girls that i would consider friends. Most are just annoying. But its annoying that in order to get some from the annoying girls you either have to make them fall in love with you. Or dish out the cheddar in the beginning.
  16. The girls want to know if you love them.

    And one way to know is by looking at how gladly you'll part with your 'cheddar' for them.
  17. Oh my wife hates this conversation. I say no difference. You pay for it either way.
  18. prostitution is just a concept so id say yeah its similar.

  19. work on your game
  20. Hey, this isn't gender exclusive! I've dated lots of guys that I've paid for.

    Men are just as much hos as women, it all depends on the type of person they already are.

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