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    [ame=""]YouTube - Dating Fail[/ame]

    what. the. fuck.
  2. Video's down, what happened in it?
  3. goddamnit. youd have to see it. does it work now?
  4. he is a cutie.....:smoke:
  5. Yeah it works now, pretty funny lol
  6. He doesn't look goth...
  7. i dunno why but this shit just doesnt get old for me. like i cant believe its real:

    the woman im lookin for has to like the same things like i do
    umm like im very cultural. i like going to museums. going to the symphony.
    and sometimes going to concerts at ??? (unintelligible)

    my guilty pleasure is me and my ex like to go to stripclubs and everything

    ima sucker for a woman that is kinky like i am but that likes to be tied up to the bed and everything like that

    i think its really hot when a woman is goth like i am

    i think you should date me because 1. i'm very intelligent 2. because i know the way to a woman's heart is thru deep romantic poetry and 3. i am very romantic and everything as well.
  8. the funniest part of the vid is when he's talking about how he went to a comedy club with his girlfriend and the comedian made fun of his girlfriend for going out with him
  9. I think that's my first roommate from college... :bongin:
  10. Man I can spit good game, I just have very little time to meet girls and go on dates ha. They need to seek me out, tryin' to wrangle the cutie from across the street from my work in the coffee shop

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