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Dating a Younger Girl?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by CupcakeDolly, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. 8 years younger than me is 13, so ya, I'd feel pretty weird about that
  2. An 18 year old girl who "hooks up" with a 27 year old guy doesn't exactly have her shoulders on her head. No offense intended.
  3. You shouldn't be so quick to judge.
  4. I did it for a little bit in high school. I was in grade 11 and she was in grade 9. She looked a lot older then she was though which was mainly why we went out, but it felt kind of awkward after awhile.
  5. my mom is 10 years younger than my dad, didnt stop them from getting married, and there still together after 20 years
  6. Thats what im sayin!
  7. Oh :rolleyes: what extenuating circumstances caused an 18 year old girl to acceptably have sex with a 27 year old guy? Obviously something isn't right or she'd be going for guys her age or maybe 1-4 years older.
  8. I'm 36. So minus 8... and that is... 28, which is still too old.

    I think 8 years difference is too small.

    How about 12 years difference?

    So I'd be dating a 24 years old.

    Hm... now 24 is just about right, I think... not too old, not too young...
  9. I personally could never see myself with a younger chick.

  10. Aww, thanks! :love:

    I guess the general consensus is to do what feels right and makes you happy. Or maybe you guys are just a lot cooler than normal people. :p

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