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  1. anyone ever watch this shit? I wonder if dateline has contributed to the death of some of these guys. all there doing is publicizing to prisons and shit of what they did. I dunno im stoned and was watching it on youtube. Just started thinking, for no greater good I suppose. child predators are one of the many scums of the earth way deep at the bottom.
  2. Since these are the scum of the earth, innocence robbing, child molesting, pieces of shit that they are, I don't feel sorry for them one bit. As far as I'm concerned we can only hope Dateline has contributed to the deaths of at least a few of those bastards. Think about this if those guys are showing up at some strange kids house to molest them what have they already done to the poor kids in there own home or neighborhood.
  3. I like watching it because the contestants are so stupid. It's like the stupidest game show ever where every contestant loses.
  4. "Who Wants To Be a Pedophillionaire?"

    Perverts are so easy, they'll believe anything. I love watching the ones who try to pass it off as if nothing was happening, like, what?, i just came over with a six pack of beer to sip on here in this stranger's house???? I wasn't gonna do nuthin'!!!!

  5. I love when he reads the transcripts "laugh out loud!" haha
  6. and thats just it man. once your cought on tape you can lie your way to the moon. the criminals know what you did and they'll get you because there big and gay.
  7. they DID contribute to a death.

    They caught one dude and he esacaped and he went back to his house and straight shot himself in the face before they could get to him.

    I mean, i normally would b like "mk hes a perv"

    but the ppl at dateline dont just act like 15 year olds online... they act like 15 year old girls who are HORNEY AS FUCK
  8. I hope you dont mind if I ask you a question. Would you fuck a 15 year old?
  9. have a seat, why dont you have a seat?
  10. hey whens the last time you seen bigorange? thats the homie I used to blaze it with that fool by the river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smoke: I used to travel like 40 minutes(small towns you know) just to get to this guy and he always had that kush.
  11. I think it's fucked up entrapment bullshit.

    It's not like these guys are going around to middle schools and dishing out tainted candy, they're talking to supposed horny teenagers who want a fuck.

    Teenagers are gonna fuck if they want to fuck, so what's the difference between getting fucked by an older experienced guy and getting fucked by a young guy who doesn't know what he's doing?

    That show is wrong on so many levels and Chris Hansen is an asshole.
  12. The only thing funnier than when you see their reaction when they find out they've been caught is when you get to watch rednecks under pressure on COPS :cool:...but then again COPS pisses me off when they bust people with bud... so yeah LMFAO @ catch a predator. I find the show more comical than it is informational.

  13. well one obvious difference comes to mind. if the supposed horny girl and and man get cought by the father. he will be food for the maggots to eat.
  14. hahaha yea I watch it for laughs too. But I laugh harder thinking about whats going to happen to them in prison. Yes believe it or not, murderers actually have morals too.:D
  15. HAHA.. Fucking great.
  16. I swear if I got caught doing that I'd be like


    I'd really just try to make it funny as much as possible to see if it even got aired on TV.
  17. Legal here.
  18. I hate the show, possibly one of the worst on network TV in my opinion. I actually think the people who enjoy watching this shit are just as disgusting as the "predators". I don't care what anyone says what they do is entrapment. I hate Hansen and the people that produce this show more than I do the guys who get seduced by "underage" girls.
  19. i saw was funny...the guy started crying.

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