Dateline MSNBC: To catch a predator OMEGLE

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  1. I was recently high on omegle and after numerous instances of trying to get someone normal to talk to and failing only to find a some sad distorted 40 year old sexual predators, I decided to just mess with one.. Why did I do this? No idea, but it was pretty funny in a sick way.

    Stranger: hi
    You: hiii
    Stranger: asl?
    You: 14/f/ca
    You: uu
    Stranger: wow
    Stranger: 15 ohio
    Stranger: m
    Stranger: so u cute or sexy or both
    You: both
    Stranger: ahh nice
    Stranger: so u a little teaser haha
    You: lol
    Stranger: haha im 509 175 red hair and green eyes u?
    Stranger: 5-9
    Stranger: lol
    You: im 4'8 blonde hair blu eyes
    Stranger: wow
    Stranger: sexy is right
    Stranger: lots of b/fs
    You: haha yeaa
    Stranger: i thought soo
    Stranger: lots of kissing?
    You: only if there lucky ']
    Stranger: ahhhhhh i get lucky sometimes soo what if there realy lucky haha
    You: huh?
    Stranger: so what all have u done iv gone 2nd base hehe
    You: sameee
    Stranger: the girl next door is 16
    Stranger: shes teaching me
    You: teaching you wat??
    Stranger: sex stuff
    You: like wat?
    Stranger: well we have done fingering and hand jobs and we just tried oral
    You: oral?
    Stranger: yaaa blow jobs
    Stranger: eating pussy
    You: ohh i knoo wat a bj is but, wats eating pussy?
    Stranger: when a boy licks ur pussy
    Stranger: well sucks it
    Stranger: well eats it lol
    Stranger: u noo
    You: my spot? u mean? like my spec placee?
    Stranger: yaaa ur vagina
    Stranger: had any boys touched it
    You: no.. why would you do that??
    Stranger: cause it realy fun
    Stranger: it feels really kolll
    Stranger: lickingit
    You: for uuu haha
    Stranger: 4 u tooo
    You: wat r u talkin about?
    Stranger: what r u talkin about
    You: I dont understand how that wuld feel good 4 me??
    Stranger: if i licked ur pussy it wood make u feel wondeful
    You: lol get out
    Stranger: lol yess
    Stranger: girl next door has orgasm when i did it too her
    You: i don't understend all these words
    Stranger: oh well never mind
    Stranger: ask me anything
    You: whats you favrite color
    Stranger: plaid
    Stranger: lol
    You: ewww
    Stranger: lol u have any plaid skirts i love those
    You: only one
    Stranger: nice how short is it
    You: not too short, its not badd rele
    Stranger: i see does ur mom not like ur short skirts?
    You: not at all
    Stranger: she dosnt like them at all
    You: nope
    Stranger: i seee so do u lime short skirts?
    You: uhh kinda
    Stranger: like
    Stranger: yaa feels good
    Stranger: do u keep ur legs together haha
    You: ofcurse
    Stranger: yaa cani ask a qs
    You: sure =]
    Stranger: when u were a skirt and r alone do u keep ur legs togerher haha
    Stranger: :}
    You: ummm yeah? sumtimes indian style but i guess
    Stranger: yaa so what do u wear under ur skirt?
    Stranger: u can ask me anything
    You: underwear duh
    You: but if its shorter spankies just incase it goes up or something
    Stranger: duh what kind and color do u like best
    You: red
    Stranger: ahh sexy red
    Stranger: thongs or bikinis?
    You: umm i only know what binkini is o bikini =]
    Stranger: ok
    Stranger: well girl next door wears lots of skirts and well she not good at keepingher legs together
    You: oh?ok
    Stranger: and of course i loook
    You: lol
    Stranger: haah
    Stranger: and boner ville
    You: haha
    Stranger: yaa
    Stranger: u no what a boner is right
    You: duhh
    Stranger: well was just asking u ever see a boner?
    You: nooo
    Stranger: ok
    Stranger: so u wear bras?
    You: yeah sports
    Stranger: i seee
    Stranger: ask me anything
    You: how old r u rele cuz u aact old computerly
    Stranger: 18
    You: ohh haha woww
    Stranger: u still wanna chat
    You: 1 of my friend went out with a 18 year and he was weird
    You: kept tryin to let him take her virginity
    Stranger: wood u go out with me
    Stranger: wood u wea ra short little skirt
    Stranger: and no bra
    You: huh? my mom would kill me
    Stranger: we wont tell
    Stranger: u can sit on my lap and we can kiss
    You: how? we don live closeee
    Stranger: jst pretend
    You: wat do you mean?
    Stranger: just pretend we r out together
    You: sir, why don't cha, why don't yah have a seat.
    Stranger: sits down
    You: u know who i am?
    Stranger: noo whoo
    You: im chris hansen
    Stranger: wow
    You:and your on dateline msnbc's to catch a predator
    Stranger: rewallyy
    Stranger: lol
    Stranger: ohoh
    You: so does it even bother you that you thought i was 14 year old girl
    Stranger: oh yess
    Stranger: im sorry
    You: "you can sit on my lap and we can kiss"
    You: you said to a apparent 14 year old girl
    You: and some other things i cant really say

    Thats where he disconnected. heh.

    I know random, my b.
  2. LOL @ this.

    Guy said he was only 15... how does that make him a predator or a pedophile ?
  3. he then saud he was 18 though

    Omegle is creepy

  4. Hmmmm...

    Would be a lot creepier if he said 46 or something like that.

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