Date Stamped Seed Packs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by product78, May 23, 2013.

  1. for the most part, when you get a pack of seeds that are bunk, you lose your investment. Occasionally, a seed bank will refund your money but most seed banks just leave you high and dry. 
    Don't you think it is time that someone took responsibility for the products that they are selling. I know, I know. Spend top dollar, get top dollar. But not everyone has the luxury of spending a couple hundred bucks on a 10 pack of fems. 
    All I'm saying is every seed pack should be sealed in the breeders envelope with a date stamp that let's you know when they sent it to the seed banks. 
    Better yet, the seed banks should just dropship directly from the breeders. If I was getting a package sent directly from the breeder I'd certainly be more at ease.

  2. Sweet Seeds put the date on their packs, I think some of the others do but I can't think.
    As long as they are stored well then they should last for years anyway.
  3. I've lost maybe 2 of 100 seeds bc of "bunk" seeds, the others were grower error or negligence. I do like the idea of dates on packs.
  4. It is standard practice for vegetable and fruit seed to have the season they were bred for, ie; "packed for 2013" means the plant was grown in 2012. seeds are viable for multiple years, but it is a good reference point when you start saving seeds.
    What you have to remember is, most banks/breeders are breaking the law to send seeds into the US. They have to be able to stand behind the laws in their own countries which normally means that seeds are sold as novelties and souvenirs.  This means that they will not do ANYTHING that may be construed as promoting illegal germination.  Even something as simple as saying "packed for 2013" could be taken against them.
  6. I was making the point that Legal Seeds are regulated better than non-legal ones. I posted the info so that casual non gardeners or those unfamiliar with buying food seeds would know.

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