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Date of federal legalization? What is your prediction?

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Ty Palmer, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. I'm with you, the 12th of Fucking Never.

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  3. I am a Christian who is a strong supporter of legalization! I think cannabis and Christianity go hand in hand.

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  4. Agree, Christian here. I was actully traumatized by Christianity and its legalism. It was cannabis that helped me. Given I dont smoke a lot and I have personal boundries.
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  5. Grace is a wonderful thing!

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  6. As soon as the government sets up it's giant commercialized grow facilities throughout the U.S. Then they can just grab it in one swoop once they legalize. Cutting off potential for all family farmers to grow.
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  7. Maybe if those holy monk crusaders were stoned. They would be to passive to murder rape and pillage hundreds of thousands in the name of the one and only merciful god. Lmfao Christianity was just a simple beginning to a government. Some neanderthals were probably killing people just becausr they were upset. Then some smart guy was like hey this divine power says you will burn in fire for eternity if you kill my family. Of course they change the bible every other decade to accomodate for the sins of the times. Sounds more like the devil should be more of our idol. Considering as in any NORMAL human being would want to break free from dominating oppresor. Also guess god told the Catholic priests children are ok. Luckily they have billions of dollars in blood money to cover everything up. We think muslim belief is barbaric. Please they jusy don't change their bible all the time. Just ranting.
  8. Within 15-20 years is realistic.

  9. you should take a look at the talmud.
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  11. It seems much difficult right now. For a decade we can hardly expect federal legalization.
  12. Check how they vote not what they say
  13. To me... the individual states are starving for the tax revenue that recreational sales have proven to provide...

    but the federal agenda... seems to be overwhelmingly anti-weed...

    If only a couple of young ladies (or men) would come forward and report past sexual harrassment by Sessions...
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  14. Clearly the solution is you all need to move to Canada:D
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  15. I just noticed the date this was posted, so doesn't take into account the new reality under Trump's AG.
    But the basic answer to that is we will NOT see a change in Federal laws until the present POS POTUS is FIRED, whether by impeachment or by un-electing him. So 2020 is the earliest, but soon after if anyone other than a conservative sits in the White House.
  16. Well that didn't work on the current POTUS, so not sure if anyone in his cabinet would be susceptible, lol.
    Besides, with Sessions I think it would either be young boys or small farm animals more than likely, smh.
  17. Not soon enough. Dispensary prices for my meds where I'm at is $20 a gram. :bang:
  18. By 2035 way after 25+ states legalized and the idiots who vote for see it's good for our society finally get the memo. It takes a while look at what happened with alcohol prohibition but the real answer is is we should just legalize all fucking drugs. Like it or not people are going to use them and we need to stop making everyone suffer because 80% of drug users aren't addicts they are just people like you and me. You need to change your minds it's human nature to use drugs and should be our right to tweek our minds the government doesn't own our bodies. Also most of them are non violent and selling drugs legally could help us all with more money raised for rehab centers and education and our infrastructure. There are no down sides to legalization.

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