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  1. So ive been seeing this girl for a few weeks and i want to go out with her tonight but i dont know what the hell to do. I dont want to just bring her to my house and smash her because we did that last weekend and i dont want her to think that all i want is sex, because shes pretty cool. So help me out guys, what are some good things to do with a girl other then have her over to your place? Weather is shitty so nothing outside, and neither of us are 21 so bars are out of the question.

    Ideas are much appreciated.
  2. Movies, dinner at a restaurant, bowling, concerts, a night in the rain. Good luck! :)
  3. ehhh doesnt quite tickle my fancy, but thanks for the input.

    Gonna be too late for dinner. I live in Minnesota so a night in the rain would mean getting hypothermia. I tried to get her to go bowling once but shes too embarrassed because she is terrible at it.. soo I might just have to go to a movie even though weve done that so many times. +rep for the input though its much appreciated
  4. Spa, movie, make her dinner, take her out to get dessert, blaze in your car with a good view, drive in, go to the grocery store and pick out a meal/dessert together and make it together, hookah

  5. this. im a girl and ive had a guy do this with me a few times during the beginning and its actually a good way to break the ice and do something non sex related together. Going to dinner feels too much like an interview to me.
  6. see if there are any good stand up comedy shows or a concert/festival around.. those are fun too
  7. Lazar Tag :cool:
  8. night time? havent been together that long? just go for a movie
  9. cook for her fo sho. i'm batting 1.000 when i cook for bitches.

    make sure she's there while you're in the middle of cooking so she can watch you and think how cute you are trying to cook for her. and then watch a movie while you're eating or after or some shit.

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