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  1. Hi guys, I need some help coming up with ideas for semi-casual dates.

    This girl and I have been digging each other for a while now. But both of us are very happy taking it VERY slowly.

    but we have a problem with coming up with ideas. I like to go to parks, but that gets old. ( I like outside)
    And unfortunately the area I live doesn't have the greatest views.

    Any ideas?

    She's not a smoker, and I am.
  2. the bed

    or couch
  3. Bowling? Lolidunno

    Know what's a great bonding experience? Digging a hole, you should both grab some shovels and just start digging.
  4. Take a pottery class together and trick her into making a bong for you.

    All of history's best relationships begin with deceit.
  5. take her out to dinner
  6. Prepare/cook a meal WITH her.
    A dish of moderate difficulty that neither of you have experience with.
    Couch it and watch a movie while you eat, couple of drinks as the night winds on.

    It's not the most interesting thing to do, but, cooking a meal from a recipe yourself not only teaches you said recipe, it'll turn out cheaper than eating out, and you'll both learn the recipe. You'll both get something great to eat and likely have a lot of leftovers. You'll also have close non-romantic proximity which is something that's needed to let her know that's not all you're into her for. You will learn teamwork, and how to co-ordinate your movements. Also, chicks dig guys that can/will cook - you'll also get a fair bit of time just to talk to each other without any activity/audio-visual getting in the way.
    This also shows that you want to do something *with* her.
    Then later, movie and some wine (or whatever her drink of choice is) with your awesome dinner will help you both unwind and give the opportunity to get cozy etc.

    That's my suggestion. I mean, it works with women...not sure about girls.

    Other than that, I'd go with a pre-packed lunch and drinks - go on a hike someplace, get in with some nature, throw good health into the mix, give yourself an interesting scenery in a nice secluded spot, end up someplace that's chill and nice to look at and just sit, eat, enjoy eachothers company.

    Good luck.
  7. Make an adult snuff film.
  8. both 21?

    Go to a bar and have a few drinks.

  9. I assume your single?

  10. Also, women love gifts. Be sure to give her surprise sex.

  11. This.

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