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Discussion in 'General' started by Kelsey Grammer, May 5, 2013.

  1. I can't view any threads unless I'm logged out of an account. I've talked to other people with the same problem. How do I bypass this bulls**t?


  2. 3rd time now. Why can't people just look at the screen THEIR POSTING ON before making the same thread that's ALREADY been brought up TWICE?
  3. ^ cause we get a database error when trying to open them.
  4. You don't get a database error when reading their titles though, so if they simply looked at the general section (which they would have), they would know there's already existing threads on it. I was thinking of making a thread on it myself (this is when I couldn't read threads) but then I noticed people had already made some. It's only common sense.

  5. Why would I want to read the title when I already know that I'm getting database errors and others most likely are too, that doesn't help me in anyway...

    I want to see what's causing it, when it will be fixed, and other ways around it, something I can only get by opening the thread.

    Seems your "common sense" ain't too common.

  6. Because that's the point, you CAN'T open the thread itself, so why not leave the original one and NOT post another one, because no matter how many you make, they WON'T open? It's senseless clutter. I'm sure if just one thread was made on it, and it ceased for a while, people would post and say. You don't need 3 of the same thread on one day to find out a problem, you only need one.

    My common sense is fine though, thank you.

  7. I really needed to shave for that movie...

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