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  1. Firstly, I’ve copied n pasted this from another source. I first heard this story on a random podcast I stumbled across a couple of years ago and it stuck with me. Today i stumbled across this on FB, there was no story link but it sums up Daryl’s story very well.

    In these dark times we’re currently experiencing I think this gives hope to us all that we can work together to combat division and hate. I’ll try and find a link to the podcast and post here later.

    “Daryl Davis was once an aspiring and successful musician. He had played with Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Muddy Waters. However, his true claim to fame, the legacy he has forged, came in a very different way. He went out of his way to befriend KKK Grand Wizard, Roger Kelly. He spent years building trust between them and laying the foundation of what became a friendship. They broke bread at each other’s tables.

    They welcomed each other into their homes. Davis even went as far as attending Klan rallies as a guest of Kelly. Most importantly, Davis cultivated an atmosphere of listening. He didn’t hate Kelly because Kelly hated him. Instead, he listened to Roger Kelly. Eventually, Kelly started listening to him. This led to the two realizing they had far more in common than not. In the end, Kelly denounced his ties to the KKK. So much so that he handed his hood and robe to Daryl Davis. In total, Davis has seen over 200 klan members walk away from the KKK and hand over their robes and hoods to Daryl. Daryl Davis is a world changer. Replacing hate with love. Because love conquers hate... Every time.”

    Edit: Fuck me and my stoned brain, it was actually Joe Rogan…

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  2. My sons and I caught that episode,
    We think Daryl is a great guy ,Joe too.
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  3. It seems like the leaders want to see hate. They don’t want peace and understand among each other. Instead they purposefully try and keep us divided. That was a beautiful story and the world needs more of those. If the people can see love and see peace, if they see people understanding each other and listening, it would be a better place
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  4. Our 'leaders' and their mouthpieces constantly push not only hate, but fear, envy, greed and all the deadly sins.

    We the people have the power to make changes and promote posistitivity, peace, justice, and brotherly love. Most importantly, are grace and forgiveness as Mr Davis displays so well.
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    Daryl Davis is a grifter. He likes to make money off his fake acommplishements. The story he's selling sounds nice to some, but when you really look into it, do you think he actually convinced 200 klan members to leave kkk? Lets break down some facts. The kkk themselves have never aknowledged this guys existence, only leftist media and news organisations. He's been persuading klansmen out of kkk for over 30 years, why are there no publications or stories of this guys persuasions before 2015? This guy is not the divine peace-maker he portrays himself to be. In reality he is pushing the same anti-white rhetroric that cnn/msnbc is guilty of, except he attempts to be polite about it.
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