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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I have 7 of these
    never done pills/opiates

    i couldnt find anything on erowid about them
    i feel like a loser

    help a stoner out
    and share the links
  2. darvocet is a verrrry mild opiate... i think its only a fraction of the strength of codeine, which is another very mild opiate. with the amount youd have to take to get high the APAP would start damaging your liver. i wouldnt even bother with them, but if you do make sure you have some bud to smoke or youll be seriously disappointed.
  3. thats what I thought
    i new it was mild...
    ill just get rid of them and smoke my weed
  4. yeah man id try to sell them and make some cash off it...im hoping you didnt spend much to get them

    200th post btw:smoking:
  5. i got them for free

    i dont like pills
    except adderall hehe / caffine pills
  6. gouge, whats he gonna make? 5 bucks? there worth next to nothing, i wouldnt even trade a bag of doritos for all 7. maybe you can get a dollar for each pill outta some suckers, but even thats pushing it
    just smoke some herb and look for some 'real' opiates
  7. i allways wanted to get black tat opium and smoke weed with it.
    but i havnt found any yet in the southbay of cali
  8. haha i didnt say he was going to make a fortune, i just met he could cut his losses if he had paid money for them...i know some kids in college that pay stupid ass prices for pills, even darvocet cause they dont really know what they are.
  9. You can't find hop out here?

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