darvocet n 100 (help)

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  1. i have some of this and i have never used any type of pain killers or even pills before. can anyone shed any light on this such as how much to take, the dangers, what ill feel like etc.

    any info would be much appreciated!
  2. darvocet sucks balls,but if you take alot of them you shoud feel it,take like 5 or 6
  3. It's like a mild version of vicodin if you take enough. Careful, it's got acetaminophen too.
  4. This^

    You should find out how much of each before you take 'em.

    I used to pop 2-4 and blaze. Was always pretty nice.
  5. Take like 4-5 and drink a shot.

    Darvocet really doesn't do shit if you don't have something to help kick it in. Even weed doesn't help much.
  6. I say take 5 darvies. If you have never done any opiates or pain killers, you should feel it.

    I did and I had been using opiates a bunch.

    But when and if you get a chance, go for real opiates. Darvies aren't opiates, they are fakers.
  7. Im just kind of stressing an already made point but...yea darvocets aint to good. My girlfriend was prescribed some after her c-section and they made her nauseated so she gave them to me. The first time I took maybe 4 I think. I had a nice little buzz but nothing major. Kind of like taking some vicodin and only experiencing the "coming up" part. Like the buzz just gets stucc right there. or something. Then I tried again the next day and nothing. The 3rd time I drunk a little grey goose with them and they kicced in but still not much more of a buzz than the first time. I sold the rest to some mexican dude who told me he "likes darvocet" or some shit.

    I would reccomend mixing a little alcohol. It will potentiate the effects a little.
  8. I got 35 n100 darvocets from my oral surgeon post wisdom teeth removal. I took double the recommended dosage, waited an hour, felt no pain relief, and got pissed. A quick google search yielded that darvocets have been proven to be about as effective as 2 tylenol...and have been called for to be banned multiple times due to their ineffectiveness/tendency to cause od. I then called my oral surgeon, chewed him out for giving me the shitty darvs, had him change it to some good ol hydrocodone. Dont waste your time or liver on those shitty shitty so-called "pain relievers".
  9. He's right. I doubt you'll catch very much of a high unless you take a lot, but don't! The acetaminophen is bad.

    I'm surprised this is here. guess the Mod fell asleep.
  10. Darvocet is proproxyphene (might be spelled wrong), and its about half the strength of vicodin(hydrocodone).

    In my personal opinion darvocet contains a very minimal recreational effect.

    you wont nodd out on it, unless taken in very high dosages with little tolerence to opiates.

    However I must warn you, opiates are extremly addictive, even if it is darvocet you should still think about the risks before you go ahead and injest a opiate.

    Be safe, and have fun!
  11. Nope, its just that we have a bunch of idiots reviving old threads, forcing them to be deleted

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