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  1. I donno if I spelled it right, and yes I know it's a marijuana forum. But I been poppin' Darvasets, which aren't shit...I know, but what kind of effect will I get if I snort one?
  2. Yes, snorting prescription medications is a GREAT idea.

    And it's spelled Darvocet, though I doubt you got the brand name. You probably mean propoxyphene napsylate and acetaminophen tablets.
  3. there is way to much acetameophin(sp?) to get fucked up off of darvocet, youll need to extract any "drug" it has. your basicly taking a bunch of tylenol.

    darvocet doe snot have recreational use as far as i know
  4. NO, ew, darvocets aren't even fun to pop, why would they be fun to snort?
  5. fuck darvocets
  6. theyre ok if u got enough of them its pretty much like tylenol 6s with more acetamenophin
  7. i had these when i had my teeth cut out.
    they made me itchy.
    i would much rather smoke pot and thats it.
    but i took one of these when i was in pain, them smoked a joint and i was supa high.
  8. There is no Tylenol #6, only 1, 2, 3 and 4. I assume you mean #4, because it contains 60mg of codeine phosphate, which has significantly stronger effects than propoxyphene napsylate. To achieve comparable effects, you would have to take at least several Darvocet tablets. You absolutely do not want to do this because that many tablets contain enough acetaminophen that liver toxicity is a very real concern.
  9. If they aren't shit when you're poppin' them, why would you think snorting them would be a good idea?

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