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Dartmouth Research

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DartmouthResearch, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Dartmouth needs your help in our survey!
    Interested in helping out with cannabis research? You are invited to take part in a completely anonymous 5-minute survey on cannabis use. This research is being conducted by The Center for Technology and Behavioral Health and seeks to learn about the alternative ways people are using cannabis, like vaporizing and edibles. This short survey is approved by Dartmouth College's Institutional Review Board.

    There is little good research on alternative consumption methods. This is your chance to contribute.

    This is not spam. Every step has been taken to ensure your anonymity. Your data will only be used for science and never will be provided to any other party. Please share with your friends.

    THANK YOU. :metal: 

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    There is enough data here on alternate methods.
    Facebook tracks visitors in a few ways, IP, site last visited, etc.
    Posts for self-serving interests are frowned upon.
    Posts with external links are also not allowed unless it's to infrequently share information.
    I have taken the liberty of removing your links. Maybe consider using Survey Monkey.
  3. Do we get free weed to help bring vital information to the survey? 
  4. this guy must really hate Dartmouth xD

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  5. :confused_2:  Or if I can remove links from another's post, perhaps I am just doing my job? While not dashing all his hopes by mentioning an alternate method.   :smoke:
  6. I wasn't talking about removing the link, sorry about the confusion. Im talking about saying it's for "self serving interests" even if it is there's no way we could know, it could be legitimate research.

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  7. Ah, I see, yet it is self-serving for them. Even if for research, there is no interest in their returning anything to this community.   :smoke:
  8. This may be true but I guess it would be unfair for either of us to say what the interest of the original poster was. I wasn't saying you really hate Dartmouth you just do your job and we all appreciate that I was just implying that you hated Dartmouth as a joke

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  9. If you would send me a plane ticket I would be more then happy to take the survey in person.
  10. Hi all-
    I understand all voiced concerns. We didn't mean to be a bother. We figured we would get more valid data thought by making our survey available to those on forums because it would help us to get responses from a wider variety of people.
    If anyone is interested in helping us, please let me know.
    Either way, thanks for your time!
    Ha- I'm not sure if we could do that. But we would greatly appreciate your feedback if you wanted to help out. Who knows, maybe this work could help you down the road. Let me know if you would be interested at all in taking it!
    We apologize- we didn't mean to be a bother! And although I do appreciate you doing your job and suggesting alternate methods, I do invite you to consider that perhaps the work we are trying to do may help you all in the future. Our research is not meant to be self-serving; it is meant to make changes and hopefully return to the community soon.
    Once again, we apologize and were unaware we couldn't post the links. Thank you for your time!
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    Probably put on the waitlist when applying.  ;)
    Why not send a mass email to students at your own school to fill out an anonymous survey?
    Let's be honest, there are plenty of students at the Ivy League that have hit up a doobie. I know exactly one there for sure!!!  :laughing:
  14. Looking solely at Dartmouth users wouldn't ensure external validity and it's too small of a sample.
  15. #15 Captain_Jack, Oct 28, 2014
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    I request 5 marijuanas for you using my expert information and opinions.

    Nah but seriously man, send me the survey in a pm and I'll do it for you :)
    Ya lost me at no free weed :( 
  17. I'll do it.

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  18. We respect this.

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