Darryl Kile, baseball picther here(dead of heart attack) pot in hotel room

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ludivicomethod, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. I'm a teenager from St. Louis, much into everything about our exsistence(although recreational use is always great:).......It just upsets me that when they find this amazing herb in his room, that there is even an thought of it having a relation to his death. I mean, shouldn't the medical examiners be educated? Death is one thing that there is no instance of throughout history, so why don't people get it? They're even extending the autopsy due to this. It truly upsets me that we live in a world all about moneyand power. I can't go and spend an hour's wage on a gram, and I can't grow suitably due to new neighbors, and of course siblings. If a family, or portion of one, wants to grow, they should be able to make a plea to do so. My mother uses medicinally whenever I buy, and my father used on special occasions earlier in his life. When will all this madness end?.........

    Oh, and I hope that the community can make an example of Mr. Kile, a distinguished family man and team player, donating to restore a baseball field in my area.

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