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    i'm going to post my poetry here. feel free to read, ignore, comment, criticize, laugh or love. i've got tons, sooo....hope thats ok.

    o how i remember a time
    when one would do me fine
    so how far have i gone?
    i have been away so long
    can you still see me?
    or have i
  2. The Ferris Wheel

    Part One

    The wind blew from the east
    A million lights lit up the dark
    "Step up" the young man said
    "Take a ride on Noah's Ark"

    "Grandpa, can we go?"
    The twins said without delay
    "Sure", the old man replied
    As he watched them run away

    Dr. Fogg's Carnival of Fun
    "Amazing Things that seem un-real"
    "Could it be?" the old man wondered aloud
    He would have to check out the ferris wheel

    Fifty six years ago
    In a place much like this place
    His first wife and son got on the ride
    And vanished without a trace

    The police had looked for clues
    But in the end there were none to be found
    He had to watch the carnival pack up and move
    While he had to stand around

    Eventually, he re-married
    New life, made many new friends
    They had two of their own children
    One of them had had twins

    But he never forgot his first family
    At nights it would tear him up inside
    This carnival show, over 50 years ago
    Their last ferris wheel ride

    Suddenly he felt a little scared
    A feeling of deja vous
    He would look for that ferris wheel
    But if he found it.. what would he do?

    Part Two

    He was about ready to give up
    One more place he thought he would try
    When in the darkness he saw something
    Out of the corner of his eye

    He had spotted the monster ride
    In the dark with no lights at all
    He knew it was the very same one
    By the details he could recall

    The seats were painted golden
    The lift itself was a dark brown
    A voice inside seemed to call out
    "Come on Daddy, sit down.."

    He knew that voice from anywhere
    But there was just no way it could be
    Willy had went missing
    Far back in 1953

    But yet, it WAS Willy's voice
    Ooh, how he missed it so
    "Don't be afraid honey"
    The wind seemed to blow

    Julia? he knew it was her voice, but how?
    This defied everything he knew
    "Ooh honey, take a seat
    Willy and I are both waiting on you.."

    The old man threw away logic
    Took a seat, closed his eyes
    He felt the cold wind blow through his hair
    As he was lifted up into the skies

    The lights of the carnival faded
    Then they appeared bright once more
    Soon the ride was over
    And a worker opened the door..

    Part Three

    The second his feet was on the ground
    His child ran to grab his leg
    "Ooh Daddy, lets all ride the merry-go-round"
    "Willy, you know better than to beg!"

    Julia laughed and kissed him
    The second her lips touched his skin
    He realized he was no longer an old man
    He was 25 again

    He knew the calender said 1953
    In Korea, peace they would declare
    Eisenhower was President
    Frank Sinatra ruled the air

    Meanwhile, he still held 56 years of memories
    Of his other life with all it's charms
    "Ooh Daddy, I'm so glad we came.."
    He hugged Willy in his arms..

    Still, not far away in another time
    The twins called their parents, distraught
    Who called the Police, who came right away
    Everyone searched the entire lot

    They questioned the owner, a Dr. Fogg
    Who said in a voice quiet and low
    "Something like this happened once before
    A long, long time ago.."

    After a month with no clues
    A memorial service was held in his name
    Mostly attended by friends and family
    But there was one strange man who came

    He introduced himself as Willie
    He left a flower and a poem
    He wrote: "Your the best Dad, I ever had
    Thank you for coming home..."
  3. Tick

    what makes you run?
    everything is beautiful
    experience pain and
    experience truth. do you
    love death? it hurts
    a lot more than life.
    all the bones are one;
    she dances in a ring of fire...
    we couldnt get much higher
    as the plane crashes down,
    the world crashes up.
    violent fire and everything
    every which way; nothing left.
    the last trip alone
    freedom shouts for us
    to penetrate the mind.
    the city sleeps tonight,
    i can feel it in the air
    feel the fight in the air.
    dont dance off the mountain
    for the fall is cleansed.
    you will appear as you truly are
    the devil taking my life.
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    i dont really "get" this one, but i wrote it when i was fucked up so it meant something to me then. the ending is just odd. lol.


    how many of you are really alive?
    watch the stars slide by
    and hop on their ride
    say goodbye to what you knew
    see what you want disappear
    it gets better the
    vulture circles above me
    still i lay fragile
    devouring conciousness and
    it's a monster
    shaping the edges to be
    a forever blurry feeling
    trust what you already know
    dont ever let it go
    my love, my hero
    come dance with me
    feel as free as me
    i am already gone as
    i hear the jazz
    play in my head so soft
    hold my hand desperately i cry
    i no longer want to fly
    i have to get down from here
    lost in the pain
    feel the lyrics enter you
    from all directions the
    trance i enter when you
    enter me from all sides is
    the way i need to feel
    forever and more and more
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    so cold. cold. cold.
    nowhere to go.
    back and forth
    between conciousness
    hoping it will end
    when it does
    if it does
    say no more
    what happens next?
    you take even more
    and so it repeats
    the devil's treats.
    the final crime
    all liquid is slime
    nothing can escape
    i'm feeling very faint
    the world is going black
    i dont think im coming back
    are you ready
    for a new reality?
  6. My Poison

    red fire sunrise
    sets in my eyes
    black palm tree sky
    so very high
    sit with legs crossed
    the sun is lost
    choose what i see
    it might be me
    flying across the sand
    give me your hand
    i'll show you the way
    trust what i say

    falling down and
    never hitting sand
    fall through the earth
    take a deep breath
    land is falling away
    i have been betrayed
    i made you listen
    cold tears glisten
    welcome to the dream
    where no one heard you scream
    it's way too late
    welcome to the free state

    do you understand what i'm telling you?
    this has progressed far enough
    you need to end this now
    before it takes life again
    my heart dies a little each time
    i need you to hear me out
    talking in my head insane
    listen it sounds like a train
    come back it's happening again
    scream loud at my brain
    scrambled thoughts cloudy yet clear
    my brain i no longer hear
    it's over.
    i've lost.
    i give up.
    i'm done.
  7. My Plea

    shocking in and out
    i think i hear my brain shout
    how amazing is the feeling of doubt?
    back and forth i sway
    wondering how i got this way
    in and out i go
    enjoying every minute of the show
    i cant think straight
    i have another eight
    i need no more i just ate
    this part i truly hate
    but if i can just push past
    i know this shit wont last
    and when it's passed...
    that needs to happen fast.

    sorry i'm just spilling my guts
    we will make it through these ruts
    how many of them there are
    we have made it so far
    but hear this plea you must
    this plea that i just
    just thought for us right now
    to whom do you bow?
    i didnt know til just now
    did you know i feel the ice?
    c'mon just roll the dice
    and pay the ultamite price
    i knew that was the feeling
    i could feel the darkness stealing
    and taking away from me
    everything that was he.

    and this is where it will end
    my life i no longer defend
    this is where i lose it all
    at the end of the music hall
    this heavy load i feel
    i'm going back to be real
    the end like i said
    the monster has been fed.
  8. Lost

    will it ever end?
    there's nothing left for me to defend
    my forces have dropped
    everything has stopped
    i'm taking care of this
    a world i will not miss
    such a waste of a life
    no, not because of the knife
    been dealt a hand that had no good thing
    but everyone around me lives like a king
    they never have a problem or a care
    i have no idea how to get there
    i am completely lost
    the line has been crossed
    turn out the light
    for this is the last night.
  9. The Everything

    my scenery is so here
    so normal its fear
    the everything is blinding
    the all of it is ever lasting
    now is the time to be here
    i cannot escape
    now matter how hard i try
    it bounces right back to before
    i see only the everything blending
    it's all together and one but
    it's the same thing i've always seen
    morphing and turning and swirling
    and becoming real
    what is this i feel
    completely thrown away
    and into somewhere i do not know
    everything seems so familiar
    so quickly and easily i can get here
    i can show you how
    but many will deny
    what youve heard is a lie
    my scenery is mine
    so normal i need it
    i have figured out how to escape it.
  10. Live to Die

    deeply in love with death
    can feel every breath
    i do not want to take
    but i will for your sake
    a sad day for all
    the day i finally fall
    but i'm not ready
    no matter how unsteady
    this may be to you
    it is for me too
    i know how to do it
    it'll be quite a hit
    but you'll never know
    you'll never grow
    this goes away as you must
    i know the feeling of lust
    but listen just listen
    you see my face glisten
    with the tears that will fall
    and scattered all over the wall
    i live to die
    no matter how high i fly


    everytime i feel like
    like everything will be alright
    life turns upside down
    life s---s on me
    trying to bring me down
    my body is getting weak
    my future is looking bleak
    my mind is starting to freak
    there doesnt seem to be a way out
    i feel like no one can hear me shout
    like i'm stuck in outer space
    get me out of this place
    i'm going to die here
    that is my biggest fear
  11. I Am The Clown.

    i am the clown
    i tell you i must die
    i only frown
    everything is a lie
    i'm always down
    i'm really fuckin shy
    put on the crown
    just run and hide
    lets see whats shown
    i think i died
    my mind is blown
    yes i know you cried
    i'm going down below
    but what i felt inside
    the greatest honor best owe'd.
    the chair is locking me in
    this may be the end.
  12. The Ferris Wheel... after reading the poem, so many questions enter my head.

    What had happened?

    Who are you?

    I think there's much more to it than just a ride on the ferris wheel...

  13. thats for the reader to think about =]

    i feel like i could go further with it though....but it's long enough already. haha.
  14. 1950-1953 Korean War.

    I can almost see it.

    I'm only 36 years old, but I grew up in Korea with the image of the war and strong anti communism propaganda.

  15. ahhh yes,

    "He knew the calender said 1953
    In Korea, peace they would declare"

    whereabouts in korea were you?
  16. I wasn't born during the 50's, I was born in the 70's.

    I, or my father rather, moved a lot when he was in Korea. I attended 5 different school in 5 years. One for each grade.

    But my family tree will say I'm from In-Dong, an area near Daegu, in North Kyung Sang province. It's just north-east of the Nak-Dong River where the South Korean army had drawn their 'Maginot line' during the start of the war before the Americans arrived.
  17. Left Behind

    we're going to do it all
    baby our empire's never going to fall
    couldn't imagine a better place
    than being able to see your face
    with you everything is right
    with you every single night

    when will i see you again
    i'll save these words til then
    but i'm afraid...
    our fire has begun to fade
    we are so far away
    and getting farther every day
    800 miles separates us
    made it 6 long months with success

    you've soared already more
    do i want to? what for?
    you've already made it, you don't need me anymore
    i barely made it off shore
    but i miss you so much my soul is sore

    i've been left behind
    my unconcious mind
    more than one stupid decision
    that i made with precision
    is the only thing keeping us apart
    trust me, it is breaking my heart.
  18. blue waves of lies
    swirl around in my head
    everyone says their goodbyes
    as we wave to the dead
    the ladies in white
    kill the men at night
    storming in and taking
    innocent lives and breaking
    everything you believe
    this is not the time to grieve
    weakness is all they will see
    this is the time to flee
    quick, before it's too late
    i am not the master of my fate.
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    I want to fly high into the skies
    and let myself feel freedom
    out in the vastness of space
    in a forever black blanket
    taking over everything.
    Where am I?
    Have I found another world I
    know exactly how to get here
    and it is the greatest feeling I have
    so why is it denied to me?
    Why can't I?
    Why can't I fly?
    Why can't I fly high into the skies?
  20. Without You

    i'm trying so hard
    cant you fucking tell
    i know you see me
    gasping for air
    trying to continue on
    but frequent blunders
    hinder my healing
    i need you to go on
    go on and live your life
    i'll be fine
    without you
    i'll be dying inside
    feeble atempt to hide
    i can't go on this ride
    without you by my side
    the air is poison to me
    without you
    here i am
    gasping for air
    my eyes close slowly
    the darkness, so holy
    takes over my life
    every second of
    every day, my love
    engulfing me.

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