Darkside of the Rainbow

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  1. Hey whats up guys? I am trying to sync up Darkside and the movie Wizard of Oz for a group acid trip next weekend. I wanted to know if anyone has actually done this and how they did it. I also want to know if anyone can tell me the correct cues in the movie where each song should be started. :)
  2. if im not mistaken you just play them both at the same time. could be wrong. but if you dont mind, ii know they have it on youtube in segments, probably somewhere online just google pink floyd wizard of oz full or something
  3. How to sync them:

    There are several ideas as to when to start the album. All revolve around the famous MGM lion. You may start the album during the first roar, second roar, third roar, or as the lion fades to black, but the things listed below are based on starting the album on the third roar.

    More info here:
    Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of The Moon

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